Income Contingent Repayment (ICR) and Forgiveness

If you are part of the ICR program, you may be able to have some of your loans forgiven after 25 years of repayment.

Am I eligible?

If you make 25 years of eligible payments or 300 payments under the income-contingent repayment (ICR) program, you may qualify for forgiveness.

Your payment amount is calculated each year and is based on your annual income (this includes your spouse’s income if you file jointly), family size, and the total amount of your federal student loans. Payments are capped at 20% of your discretionary income.

How much am I eligible for?

If you are eligible, you can have up to 100% of your outstanding balance forgiven after 25 years.

Which loans qualify?

• Direct Stafford loans
• Direct Grad PLUS loans
• Direct Consolidation loans (including those with Parent PLUS loans)

How do I apply?

Click here to learn more about ICR and other income-driven repayment plans. To apply for ICR, you can submit the application electronically here.

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