False Student Loan Certification Due to Identity Theft

If someone stole your identity and unlawfully took out student loans in your name, it’s possible to have them discharged.

Am I eligible?

If the person who stole your identity was convicted of the crime, you may be eligible for this. Generally, you must also file and submit a police report and various other evidence of identity theft as requested by the loan holder and/or the U.S. Department of Education.

In addition, you must be willing to assist in any proceedings related to the investigation and/or prosecution of the identity theft. This type of discharge is only available for loans received after July 1, 2006.

How much am I eligible for?

If you meet the requirements, you are eligible to have up to 100% of your student loan discharged.

Which loans qualify?

• Stafford loans
• Grad PLUS loans
• Parent PLUS loans
• Consolidation loans
• Perkins loans

How do I apply?

To discharge your loans due to identity theft, fill out an identity theft report, file a police report, and contact your loan holder.

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