Active Duty Health Professions Student Loan Repayment Program

As a health professional in the military, you’re serving those who serve. Find out the kind of reward you might qualify for if this describes you.

Am I eligible?

If you are a qualified health professional in an identified skill shortage area as determined by the U.S. military, you may be eligible for this award. You must also be serving as a commissioned officer on active duty and not in the reserve unit. Meeting these two qualifications means you might qualify for student loan benefits.

How much is the award?

If you qualify for this program, you are eligible to receive up to $40,000 per year for three years.

Which loans qualify?

• Stafford Loans
• Grad PLUS Loans
• Consolidation Loans
• Perkins Loans
• Health professions student loans (HPSLs)
• Private student loans

How do I apply?

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