Featured on BostInno – “Student Loan Hero launches to Save you $5,000”

After we launched our recent study regarding how much we can save our average user, BostInno wrote a great piece on us. I just hope students in the Boston area will catch a glimpse, considering Boston truly is a college town with some of the highest private education sticker prices in the country!

To sum up our study, we can help our average user save close to $5,000 and get out of debt 2.5 years faster through a combination of student loan consolidation and refinancing programs, as well as educating the borrowers on effective debt management strategies to accelerate the repayment.

For the record, the average Student Loan Hero user has $58,658 in student loan debt disbursed across 8 loans! Not to mention these loans are typically serviced by 2-3 different student loan servicers, both federal and private.

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