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States Where Public Colleges Are Underfunded (And Where They’re Not)

Updated: October, 2022

46% of College Students Are Worried About Graduating During a Recession, but 59% Think College Has Prepared Them for a Career

Updated: September, 2022

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Updated: July, 2022

A Demographic Look at Who Has Student Loan Debt

Updated: June, 2022

student loan forgiveness

$10,000 in Student Loan Forgiveness Could Cancel Federal Debt for 1 in 3 Borrowers

Updated: June, 2022

New Enrollment Down Nationwide Amid COVID-19 Pandemic — Here’s a State-by-State (and College-by-College) Look

Updated: May, 2022

How Much a College Credit Hour Costs

Updated: May, 2022

Federal Student Loan Borrowers Will Save Average of $6,949 During Moratorium — Including $834 Amid Latest Extension

Updated: April, 2022

72% of Federal Student Loan Borrowers Aren’t Financially Ready to Resume Payments

Updated: April, 2022

Colleges That Reach NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four Often See Application Bump

Updated: March, 2022

COVID-19 Pandemic Made It Easier to Get Into These 200 Colleges (and the 200 Schools Where It Became Harder)

Updated: March, 2022