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The best private student and education loan rates

Looking for ways to help cover the cost of college after exhausting all the scholarship, grant and federal student loan options out there? Private student loans can provide an additional way to help make ends meet while pursuing your degree.

Keep in mind each private student loan provider has its own set of terms, rates and eligibility requirements that vary, unlike a typical federal loan. Also know that applying with a co-singer can greatly improve your chances of qualifying. Check out this list of recommended loan providers for a side-by-side rate comparison:

This is the lowest credit score a loan provider will consider when determining borrower eligibility. While some loan providers do not indicate a specific minimum score, a borrower's credit profile will still play a part in their overall acceptance criteria.

minimum credit score

How long getting a custom rate will take (on average), based on a completing a quick and easy application on an individual loan provider's website.

Apply in as little as

Variable-rate private loans have interest rates that can change during the repayment period. Interest rates may increase or decrease at any time and typically do so based on changes to LIBOR. Often, the introductory rate on a variable-rate loan is lower than that of a fixed rate loan, though it has the potential to increase later. Learn more

Variable APR
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5 minutes or less ⃰
3.82% - 12.82%
5.54% - 14.59%
Fixed APRSee next step
1% cash back graduation reward
Cover up to 100% of your tuition & eligible living expenses
More opportunities to get the money you need for college
No fees: No application, origination or disbursement fees
660 and up
3 minutes or less
3.69% - 10.94%1
5.29% - 12.07%1
Fixed APRSee next step
Get an instant credit decision
Choose from a variety of loan terms
Parent Loans available
Can apply with Cosigner
680 and up
15 minutes or less
4.34% - 12.99%
6.34% - 13.99%
Fixed APRSee next step
Cover up to 100% of college expenses
Great rates and $0 fees
Get a cash reward for good grades 1
0.25% interest rate reduction for Auto Debit Reward 2
Apply in minutes
15 minutes or less
4.12% - 10.98%1
5.74% - 11.85%1
Fixed APRSee next step
No origination fees
No prepayment penalty
Benefits and interest rate reduction available
Parent Loans available
Can apply with Cosigner
5 minutes or less
5.03% - 11.23%
6.01% - 12.29%
Fixed APRSee next step
No application or origination fees
Option of no payments while in school 2
Use for past due balances
0.50% rate reduction for automated payments from any bank account 3
Co-signer release option available after 48 on-time payments 4
10 minutes or less
3.88% - 12.88%1
5.35% - 14.05%1
Fixed APRSee next step
Choice of repayment option: Immediate Repayment, Interest-Only, Partial Interest or Fully Deferred 2
Choice of repayment term: 7, 10 or 15 years 3
Graduation Reward: 2% principal reduction with proof of graduation 4
Up to 0.50% interest rate reduction for auto pay 5
Cosigner release option available 6
Borrower protection in case of death/disability 7
660 and up
5 minutes or less
4.68% - 9.77%
5.36% - 9.69%
Fixed APRSee next step
Great rates and no fees from not-for-profit credit unions
Ability to release Cosigner
Automatic payment discount
Can apply with Cosigner
670 and up
3 minutes or less
3.72% - 9.68%
5.30% - 9.82%
Fixed APRSee next step
Award-winning Care team
Low rates and flexible payment plans
Your loan helps provide education for those in need
Can apply with Cosigner
620 and up
10 minutes or less
4.04% - 12.01%
5.25% - 12.19%
Fixed APRSee next step
Peace of mind with Multi Year Approval
Apply once and be done
$643 saved on average in fees
Parent Loans available
Can apply with Cosigner

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