How Vettery Can Help You Find a Job You Love

Vettery review

Everyone knows the job hunt can be an agonizing process — but hiring marketplace Vettery makes things a little simpler. Vettery connects talented job-seekers with top companies in finance, business, and tech. Plus, it gifts new hires with a signing bonus of $500.

If you’re an aspiring data scientist, investment banker, or other professional in Vettery’s wheelhouse, this Vettery review is for you. Read on to learn how this hiring marketplace can launch your career.

Check Out Vettery

Vettery review: How to get your dream job

Vettery does a lot of job searching for you, so you don’t have to. Instead of having to comb through job postings, Vettery brings the jobs and companies to you. Some of its client companies include Uber, Casper, and Warby Parker.

Although it takes a 15 percent fee from hiring managers, Vettery is completely free for job-seekers. However, not everyone is able to access this service. In fact, Vettery only approves the top 5 percent of job-seekers for its exclusive platform.

Vettery looks for top talent with impressive educational credentials and work experience. When you apply, you’ll provide details of your background, along with your resume. Vettery recruiters then review your application and let you know about next steps.

If you’re successful, Vettery will match you with a Talent Executive. Talent Executives support you throughout the process. They share inside tips about each company’s culture and help you prepare for interviews.

Once you’re all set up on the platform, interested companies will reach out to you with “invitations.” If you accept an invitation, you’ll begin the job interview process. And if a company hires you, Vettery hooks you up with a $500 signing bonus — plus an additional $1,500 if you refer a friend.

What industries does Vettery serve?

Vettery caters mainly to companies in finance, tech, and business. Most job seekers are looking for work in one of the following fields:

  • Investment banking
  • Business development
  • Consulting
  • Private equity
  • Marketing
  • Hedge funds
  • Sales
  • Software engineering
  • Product design
  • Product management
  • Developmental operations
  • Data science
  • Mobile technology

Among Vettery’s 2,000 client companies are Casper, Roomi, AMC Networks, Jet, Peloton, and Greenhouse. As a fast-growing startup, Vettery is likely to add more companies in the months to come.

Vettery success rate and statistics

Vettery has a high success rate for both job seekers and hiring managers. While applicants hail from anywhere, most jobs are located in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., Seattle, Los Angeles, or Chicago. Here are some Vettery stats to keep in mind:

  • Average time to hire: 35 days of joining the platform
  • Average starting salary: $122,228
  • Hiring managers partnered with: 2,000
  • Job seekers using platform each week: 5,000

Of course, only a small percentage of applicants are approved to use Vettery. During the initial application process, the company looks at your education, work experience, and other factors. That way, it keeps its commitment to client companies to bring them exceptional talent from around the country.

How to get started with Vettery

Applying to join this hiring marketplace is an easy online process. After familiarizing yourself with the site, simply sign up for Vettery to get started.

Vettery review

Your first step is filling out basic information. Provide your contact details and create an account.

Next, you’ll indicate whether you’re looking for a job in tech or finance. Vettery customizes the next few steps to your target field. If you’re looking for a job in tech, for instance, you’ll go on to specify tech roles of interest and your related skills.

Vettery review

You’ll also indicate one or more preferred locations, like New York, Boston, or San Francisco. Plus, you’ll suggest how much professional experience you already have and in what roles.

Vettery review

Your final step in the application process will be to upload your resume and link out to any online portfolios.

Vettery review

At this point, Vettery recruiters will review your application for approval. You can also provide additional details or upload a photograph to personalize your profile.

Sign Up for Vettery

Once approved

If Vettery gives you the green light to use its platform, you’ll connect with a Talent Executive. Your talent executive will talk to you about what you’re looking for in your next position. By understanding your goals, talent executives can connect you with companies you’ll love.

They also provide insight into a company’s interview process and help you manage your invitations. According to Vettery, your Talent Executive is “always available as a resource, coordinator, sounding board, and friend.”

At this point, you don’t have to do much more work on the job hunt. Instead, companies will contact you with invitations. You’ll manage your invitations through your Vettery account.

If you’re interested in a role, make sure to accept an invitation quickly. Companies often go from initial contact to a job offer within just two to three weeks.

The interview process varies by company. You might have an initial phone call and then visit the office for in-person interviews. There are a few part-time and remote roles on Vettery, but most are traditional, full-time jobs.

Vettery’s eligibility requirements

Vettery might sound picky about who it allows on the platform, but its expectations are not so different than those of its hiring managers.

Top companies in the finance, tech, and business worlds are looking for exceptional talent. If you’re seeking employment at one of these companies, you’ll need to position yourself as a competitive candidate, just as you would if you applied to Vettery.

And if you make it through Vettery’s screening process, you’ll be just a month away from your dream job. Because Vettery understands what top companies are looking for, it’s highly successful at matching job seekers with the right position.

How Vettery got started

Co-founders Adam Goldstein and Brett Adcock started Vettery in New York in 2013. They sought to shake up the largely telephone-based financial recruiting industry.

In an interview with AlleyWatch they said:

“We started Vettery because we were frustrated with the hiring process and wanted to create a better solution. Finding a job should be fun. It’s a chance to explore and discover what’s out there. Many aspects of our lives have been improved through a tight, uncompromising focus on user experience and the job search should be no different.”

Vettery has since expanded across the nation. It works with hiring managers in cities across the U.S., including San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, and Boston.

In 2016, Vettery raised $9 million in venture capital funding. Plus, they turn a profit by charging companies, never job seekers, for access to their platform.

Today, Vettery has over 50 employees, 2,000 tech and finance companies, and 5,000 weekly users. It partners with both start-ups and well-established companies to match talented individuals with exciting roles.

Find a Job With Vettery

Vettery contact info

Beyond this Vettery review, you can learn more on the Vettery FAQ pages for candidates and employers. If you have additional questions, email or submit a query on its Contact Us page.

You can also follow Vettery on its various online outlets:

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