TaskRabbit Review: How You Can Make $60 an Hour in Your Spare Time

taskrabbit review

When Mickey Tomar heard about TaskRabbit from his roommate, he couldn’t wait to apply.

“[My roommate] said he was making insane money on the side, so he [begged] me to apply,” said Tomar. “At first, I was doing simple delivery jobs at a rate of $30 an hour.”

Quickly addicted, Tomar became more involved with TaskRabbit. He took on more complicated tasks and earned great reviews. Soon, Tomar was making $60 per hour doing odd jobs he enjoyed. Now, he’s thrilled with the money he’s making and the work he does.

Because of workers like Tomar, TaskRabbit is a growing powerhouse in the side hustle space, with thousands of workers using the service every day. For the right personalities, it can be a lucrative side gig. See how it works in this TaskRabbit review, and find out if this side gig is right for you.

TaskRabbit review

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an app that connects customers with “taskers” — independent contractors who complete odd jobs for pay.

Launched in 2008, TaskRabbit specializes in connecting consumers with helpers to accomplish everyday tasks, including moving, assembling furniture, organizing, or delivering items.

Rather than ongoing work, most tasks are one-time gigs. Taskers can complete jobs that appeal to them when they want, on their schedule.

What kind of TaskRabbit jobs do taskers do?

Taskers can take on a broad range of gigs, from computer administrative work to physical labor.

One of the most common tasks TaskRabbit customers request is furniture assembly. If you have a knack for making sense of Ikea instructions, you can make a good amount of money through the app.

General handymen and cleaners are also in high demand. Taskers in these categories might fix a leaky faucet or clean an apartment after a move.

But if you’re not especially handy or aren’t interested in physical labor, you can still make money with TaskRabbit. Many taskers earn cash by acting as a personal assistant or social media aid. They make appointments, schedule social media posts, and manage their customers’ schedules when needed.

How much does TaskRabbit pay?

According to TaskRabbit spokesperson Kathryn Kelly, TaskRabbit can be a high-paying gig.

“Taskers can make as much as they want to work,” said Kelly. “Some taskers make $150,000 per year.”

The pay can vary depending on your location, the tasks you take on, and your expertise. On Glassdoor, taskers report earnings from $8 to $43 an hour.

Right now, Tomar is focusing his efforts on organizing customers’ homes. Because of his high reviews and experience, he can command top rates and is in constant demand.

“I’ve recently been on a successful marathon of organizing, so I actually raised my rates,” he said. “I started at $50 an hour, and since I got a phenomenal review for transforming a biohazardous tool shed, I raised it to $60.”

TaskRabbit does take a significant portion of your rate for their service. But for Tomar, he doesn’t see that as an issue. “TaskRabbit takes out 30 percent, but since I control my rates, it doesn’t affect me.”

Working as a tasker

TaskRabbit is available in most cities nationwide, but some suburbs and rural areas do not have taskers yet. When you set up your profile, you can indicate how far you’re willing to travel and what your rates are.

Once you become a tasker, you will receive notifications about gigs in your area. Clients post their needs, and you’ll receive an alert if the job fits your profile. Clients can also send you tasks directly if they like your profile.

You have just 30 minutes to either accept or deny a request. You review the description and see if it matches your experience, skill set, and interests. If you need more information about the job, you can ask the client for clarification.

There are times when a job isn’t right for you, and you can forfeit a job. TaskRabbit will ask you for a reason, such as unreasonable demands or schedule conflicts. However, if you like the job’s terms and accept it, you’ll receive another notification that you got the gig.

“I love how we get a notification [that says] ‘hooray,’” said Tomar. “It’s definitely a moment of elation.”

taskrabbit jobs

Many gigs are short-notice; you may have less than 24 hours until your job. But there is the potential for recurring jobs with happy clients.

Once you complete the task, the rate you charge is credited to your account. Taskers are paid through direct deposit.

How to become a TaskRabbit tasker

Kelly said there are 60,000 taskers on the TaskRabbit platform today. But there’s still room for much more as the service continues to grow.

People who succeed as taskers tend to be very entrepreneurial. Having a go-getter attitude and being persistant can pay off when it comes to completing jobs. If that sounds like you, you can sign up for a tasker account online.

On the Become a Tasker page, fill in your name, email address, phone number, and zip code, then click on “Start Registration.”

what is taskrabbit

The site will prompt you to read and agree to its terms of service. It will then ask for your metro area, birthdate, and available transportation options. You also need to upload a clear photo of yourself.

On the next screen, TaskRabbit will ask you to choose what kind of tasks you’d like to complete, and you will set your rate for each one. The site provides recommendations on the average rate taskers charge, but you’re free to charge more or less, depending on your skill and experience.

For example, if you’re a painter in the Orlando area, the average rate is $36 an hour. If you charge $25 an hour, you increase your chances of being hired. However, after TaskRabbit takes its cut, you’ll take home just $17.50.

TaskRabbit pay

Give yourself plenty of time to set up your profile; this is your opportunity to shine. For each task, you can write a description of your experience and why you’re worth your rate. That’s your chance to pitch potential clients and convince them of your skills.

After you’ve filled out your description for each task category you wish to do, the site will prompt you to agree to a background check. According to Kelly, this is an essential step in the process.

“All taskers are background checked at the state level and have to have a valid driver’s license and bank account,” said Kelly.

Once your application is reviewed and approved, TaskRabbit will invite you to an in-person orientation session in your city. The orientation will cover how the app works, what to do to take on jobs, how to handle problems with a client, and how to get paid.

When you have completed the orientation, you’re ready to start work.

Joining TaskRabbit

For Tomar, working as a tasker has been a life-changing experience.

“TaskRabbit transformed my life,” he said. “It provided so many extraordinary opportunities for networking and learning a myriad of valuable skills.”

If you love the idea of having different work every day and meeting new people, working as a TaskRabbit tasker might be the perfect option for you. As this TaskRabbit review has shown, you can make extra money doing small jobs on the side, which can be a big help in paying off debt or building your emergency fund.

If you’re ready to start earning money on the side, sign up to become a TaskRabbit tasker today.

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