How Switching From Apple to Android Could Save You $1,600

switching from apple to android

Google Maps. Gmail. Google Calendar. Chrome.

Several months ago, I had an epiphany: Why am I using an iPhone when all my favorite apps are made by Google?

So, when I needed a new phone, I decided to forgo my knee-jerk reaction toward Apple products and see what Android had to offer. Here’s how my quest played out — and how much money you could save.

Switching from Apple to Android

Thankfully, my boyfriend is a dedicated Android user, so he was able to guide me toward some popular phones (because, unlike Apple, Android offers more than one phone to choose from).

I wanted a phone with a ton of memory because my iPhone’s 16 gigabytes had run out way too quickly. I spent my days deleting photos and avoiding new apps.

I liked his phone, a Nexus 6P that costs under $300 used, but it was too big for my hands.

So, I settled on a Pixel, Google’s flagship phone. I purchased it at exactly the wrong time — just as the next version was about to come out — and it cost $749 for 128 GB.

Today, the same phone costs $649, and the Pixel 2 costs $749 for 128 GB or $649 for 64 GB.

I also switched my carrier from T-Mobile to Google’s Project Fi, which works only with Android phones. Being able to use Fi was one of the biggest reasons for my jump to Android.

Along with T-Mobile, it’s one of the only carriers that comes with free texting and data in more than 100 countries. But compared to T-Mobile, Fi has way more flexibility — and is way more affordable.

Each month, I pay a base price of $20 and $10 per gig of data. Since I normally only use 1 or 2 gigs, it works out to an average of $35 per month.

And because I’m on a family plan with my boyfriend, we each save an extra $5 per month, so our bill comes out to around $60 per month.

How much money you could save by switching to Android

Earlier this year, the Pixel was the top-of-the-line phone for Google; now, it’s the Pixel 2.

So, I think the most accurate comparison is between the Pixel 2 and the iPhone X. (Since the latter comes in only 64 GB or 256 GB, I’ll use the prices of the 64 GB models.)

If you’re deciding between the two, here’s how much money you could save by choosing Android over Apple:

  • Pixel 2 ($649) vs. iPhone X ($999): $350
  • Project Fi ($35/month) vs. T-Mobile ($70/month): $35 per month

Over the next three years, which is how long I generally keep smartphones, it adds up to a total savings of $1,610.

There are more important things than Apple

It’s been about five months since I made the switch, and I can’t say I miss my iPhone at all.

I happily use my maps, photos, calendar, email, and web browser — all made by Google.

And I happily leave my camera at home because the Pixel’s camera is so good. Last week, a co-worker borrowed my phone at an event because it took much better low-light video than her iPhone.

But even if that weren’t the case, it feels good to save money. It might seem like a negligible amount, but here’s how it could add up.

If you have $37,000 of student loans at a 5.70% interest rate and put that extra $35 per month toward your loans, you’d pay them off a year early and save $1,293 in interest. (See how your numbers would play out using our student loan prepayment calculator.)

Or if you invested that $35 per month for the next decade and didn’t touch it again for 35 years, you’d end up with a total of $64,284 (assuming a 7 percent return).

And that’s not to mention the $350 you’d save on the phone itself. Shopping spree, anyone?

However you spend your money, and wherever your loyalty lies, the point is not to purchase something just because everyone else is. By taking a different path, you could end up happier — and maybe even wealthier.

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