How Student Loan Hero Finds the Best Lenders for You

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As a Student Loan Hero reader, you might have noticed that we often recommend specific lenders and products.

We want to provide you with real, specific solutions for any financial challenges that come your way. This includes finding and sharing what we think are the best financial tools out there.

But how do we choose which products and services to highlight? Well, here at Student Loan Hero, we put our users and their interests first. That’s why we choose to partner with companies with the same focus.

Our partners’ missions align with ours: helping you manage and be free of your student loans while improving your financial health. We only feature lenders and products that we’re confident can benefit our users.

Here are key insights into how we choose partners and products we think are worth sharing with you.

How Student Loan Hero makes money

Sharing awesome financial tools is actually our business model – in other words, it’s how Student Loan Hero makes money. We highlight these products in a few places throughout our site, such as:

First, we vet the partners we work with to highlight the best loans, investment tools, and other personal finance products. We make sure to include all the information you need to make the right choice for your situation (even if that means you don’t apply).

We make it easy to find and compare top loans and money tools, and then you get to decide if you want to use them. Some of the lenders and products we recommend pay us a referral fee if a person signs up for a service they found through our site.

We see this as an all-around win. For you, this means finding great products and making well-informed choices – with less legwork.

Meanwhile, we get to generate enough revenue to keep the lights on while offering high-quality information, tools, and resources to you – 100 percent free.

How Student Loan Hero vets our partners

Helping you make the best choices for your financial situation is our number one priority. When vetting our partners, we take our responsibility to find and share the best products very seriously.

We respect our users’ trust because the partners we choose to work with will reflect on us – for better or worse. At every step of a relationship with a potential partner, we work for you – our users – to ensure it’s a good fit for you.

Our vetting process mimics how a potential customer would shop for a specific product or financial service. That’s because the customer experience is central to our vetting process. We want to make sure that we only work with lenders and companies that offer a great experience, start to finish.

In fact, many Student Loan Hero team members are customers of our partners, themselves.

Student Loan Hero CEO Andy Josuweit refinanced several of his student loans with Earnest. Another team member, Mackenzie Kreitler, worked with CommonBond to refinance her parent’s student loans into her own name. Many Student Loan Hero employees use the investing services, credit cards, and other products highlighted on our site.

Here are the steps we go through to vet lenders and companies as we consider partnering with them.

1. Identify potential partners

Student Loan Hero starts by understanding what our users are looking for and what kind of services they want.

Then, we look at the top banks, lenders, and service providers in a given product space. We identify the financial tools we think can best help our customers achieve their money goals.

2. Understand the company

Next, we start digging deep. We talk to potential partners to understand their company, brand, and products. We review any publicly available company information or securitization data, then work to understand the stage this business is at.

Companies with established brands and services are a good fit for us – they usually have the capability and willingness to work with the customers we might send their way. The best student loan refinancing companies that we highlight, such as SoFi and CommonBond, are prime examples. We make sure all these lenders have the bandwidth and capital available to quickly process applications and fund approved loans.

3. Compare and vet the product

The Student Loan Hero team closely reviews the product the company offers. Potential partners must offer products that can benefit you – which means reasonable rates, low fees, and a positive customer experience.

Transparency is also huge. We think customers deserve to have all the details upfront so they can make an informed choice.

4. Test the customer experience

As part of vetting our lenders, Student Loan Hero actually goes through the process to apply for and get a loan or other product.

We test the customer experience to make sure it’s friendly and focused on getting you the best outcome – not just bolstering the company’s bottom line. It’s also important that the process is easy, straightforward, and fast – features we know are important to our users.

5. Select our partners

Student Loan Hero only secures partnerships once we’re confident that the company and product are customer-centered.

We then share this product when and where it makes sense for our users. We also highlight product features and details important to you (good or bad), equipping you with what you need to know to decide if this product is right for you.

6. Measure partnership success

The vetting process doesn’t end once we’ve struck up a partnership. Student Loan Hero continually collects and analyzes data about how useful our customers find certain products.

We also stay on top of any developments or changes with our partners to ensure our recommendations are always based on the most up-to-date information.

We work with partners that will work for you

Student Loan Hero believes in doing the right thing, even if that means passing on a partnership or a potential income stream. We place a far higher value on the relationships we’ve built with customers than any revenue we could earn from partners.

We have an unwavering respect for you, your financial journey, and your goals. That’s why we strive to work with other companies that share our respect for you and desire to help you build a sound financial future.

The bottom line when it comes to vetting our partners: We try to understand the product and picture a real person using it.

Is there a real need customers have that this product can meet? Does this company offer real value with a positive experience? Student Loan Hero’s vetting process is in place so that the answer, in regards to our partners, will always be “yes.”

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