6 Awesome Careers Every Extrovert Will Love

people person jobs

If you’re an extrovert, you get energy from outside experiences. You enjoy working in teams and prefer busy environments to quiet ones.
While there are plenty of “people person” jobs, the ones on the list below stand out for a few reasons.

6 people person jobs for extroverts

These jobs are all currently in high demand and offer reasonable salaries. These fields are also expected to grow in the next few years. So, if you’re on the search for a new job, consider these six great careers for extroverts.

1. Human resources manager

As the job title implies, your focus is people when you’re a human resources specialist. You’ll help a company develop its culture and benefits, and you’ll likely be involved in the hiring and onboarding process for new employees.

You’ll also be the point person for any issues or disputes in the workplace. You might also mediate conflicts. As an HR person, you’ll help employees feel happy and healthy.

Before moving into a manager position, you’ll need about five years of HR experience. Most positions require a Bachelor’s degree, but some also want to see a Master’s.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of human resources manager positions will increase by 9 percent in the next few years. And the best part? The median salary for an HR manager is a comfortable $104,440 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Public relations specialist

If you enjoy working with the public, the role of public relations specialist could be perfect for you. In this role, you help companies craft their public image. You’d get to develop a brand identity and spread the word to consumers.

In a public relations role, you might reach out to media outlets or organize big events. PR specialists often act as spokespeople for a company, so you’ll need excellent people skills to cultivate and maintain a large network.

Public relations specialists often have a Bachelor’s in public relations, communications, English, or business. The median pay is $56,770, and the field is expected to grow by about 6 percent in the next few years.

3. Executive

If you have an eye for business and enjoy leading groups of people, you could be well-suited to an executive position. Whether you’re a team manager or chief operations officer, your extroverted qualities could place you at the top of the corporate ladder.

And if you’re interested in business school, you’ll love all the networking that takes place among aspiring entrepreneurs. Many MBA programs are as much about networking as they are about classroom learning.

There are various paths that lead to an executive position. Many future executives study business or economics during college before starting in an entry-level position and working their way up.

Executives think strategically about how an organization can achieve its goals. Some work for small startups while others land in established companies with thousands of employees. After about five years in the business world, you could be making over $100,000 as a top executive.

4. Sales representative or manager

The sales field is another popular choice when it comes to careers for extroverts. Sales representatives and managers must have top notch communication and interpersonal skills.

Sales people identify client needs and work to sell a product or service. They often travel throughout the day to meet with new clients in person. They need to be ready and eager to carry a conversation with just about anyone, even when they’re tired.

You might start out as a sales representative, but can move into a managerial position after a few years of experience. Sales departments often offer commission- or bonus-based pay structures. Sales representatives make less to start, but managers take home more than $113,000.

5. Registered nurse

If you’re interested in jobs that help people, nursing could be right up your alley. Nurses fulfill a variety of roles in a hospital or other medical setting. They work with patients and healthcare professionals to devise treatment plans.

The best nurses are able to soothe nervous patients and put their minds at ease. Plus, they can explain complicated or difficult topics in a clear, straightforward way. Registered nurses give advice and emotional support to both patients and their family members.

To become a registered nurse, you need a Bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as state licensure. The nursing field is expected to grow by 16 percent in the next few years, almost three times the average growth of other fields. Nurses make about $67,490 per year.

6. Teacher or school administrator

As an extrovert, you can also consider going into education. Teachers and school administrators interact with students and faculty all day long. They also often connect with parents.

When you work in a school, you become a major part of a community. You must coordinate large groups of people and show up with energy and enthusiasm. And because you’re in education, you can expect to be continuously learning throughout your career.

Teachers make a median salary between $54,000 and $57,000 per year. If you work in a public school, you’ll be expected to get your Master’s degree in some states. Most teachers see their salary increase each year.

Administrators typically have a Master’s or Ph.D. School principals make around $90,000 per year, and school superintendents make about $117,000.

Look for jobs that match your personality

These are just a few of the top careers for extroverts. Whatever your interest, look for people person jobs that match up with your personality type.

Extroverts tend to be outgoing and comfortable in groups. They enjoy working in teams and brainstorming in big groups. That’s why jobs that help people or involve a lot of social interaction are great fits for extroverts.

If you work full-time, you’ll spend 40 hours or more a week engaged in work. Be sure to find something you enjoy. By taking your personality traits into account, you can find the best job for you.

Looking for a side hustle instead? See what part-time gigs we recommend for extroverts.

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