6 Convenient Money Apps That Manage Your Finances For You

money apps

Tracking your money is no easy feat. Between student loan payments, credit card bills, taxes, and more, managing your finances can seem like a part-time job. Reclaim your free time and take the stress out of your finances with these convenient money apps.

If you’re ready to simplify your money management, these apps allow you to automate your budget, track your spending habits, and even file your taxes.

6 useful money apps

1. Simple

Simple offers the best of both worlds: It’s a bank and budgeting tool all in one. Simple will deposit your cash with one of their partner banks, then send you a debit card to access it.

Once your account is set up, you can use the app’s built-in budgeting tools to manage your money. Allocate your cash into digital envelopes to tackle regular bills, view detailed spending reports, and instantly see how much money you have left to spend — the app takes your goals and regular bills into account before telling you what cash is safe to use.

Simple is free to use (though you may encounter ATM fees if you withdraw cash at an out-of-network machine). All of your deposited funds are insured by the FDIC.

2. EveryDollar

Another goal-oriented money app, EveryDollar allows you to keep track of your entire financial life. Create a budget, enter your transactions, and start tracking your overall net worth.

EveryDollar is famous for its extensive budgeting and goal features, and is based on Dave Ramsey’s popular methods of getting out of debt and building wealth. The app uses helpful visuals, which means no more dull spreadsheets or complicated math.

The basic features described above are completely free to use. For $10 a month, however, you can upgrade to an EveryDollar Plus subscription. Link your bank and credit card accounts so spending is automatically tracked, plus get access to coaching calls when you need help.

3. DailyBudget

If you prefer a simpler way to budget, try Daily Budget. One of the simplest money apps out there, Daily Budget calculates — you guessed it! — your daily budget, based on your income and fixed expenses.

Whenever you make a purchase, enter it into the app. It will automatically deduct that amount from your daily spending allowance, and you’ll always know how much you have left to spend. Spend less today to have a bigger budget tomorrow, or set up goals to save for big buys.

This app is a good choice for those who need daily reminders to keep them on track. Monthly budgets are useful, but breaking down your spending into daily increments can make it simpler to spend smarter.

4. Penny

Wish you could afford a personal finance coach? Penny can help get your accounts in order for free.

Chat with Penny for help tracking your income and spending. The app accesses your bank statements to let you know how things are looking this month, what your financial forecast is for the next week, what bills are due, and can even find services and subscriptions you don’t use.

If you prefer a more relaxed approach to budgeting, Penny might be for you. Rather than limiting yourself to specific spending amounts in various categories, this app can point out your spending habits (like how many times you stopped in at Starbucks last week) to help you rein in frivolous purchases.

5. H&R Block Tax Prep

If you want to get your taxes done as painlessly as possible, file your taxes on the go with this app from H&R Block. Take a picture of your W-2 and upload deductible receipts to begin the process of filing your taxes immediately.

Your information is stored in your account, so you can start and stop working on your taxes when you need to. The app is free to download and offers step-by-step guidance when you’re ready to file.

6. TurboTax

Intuit offers its own filing app with TurboTax. The checklist process allows you to quickly choose your filing status, take pictures of income documents, and start the tax filing process.

TurboTax also seamlessly syncs with other Intuit products such as Mint. Stumped on a tax question? You can connect with an expert right in the app.

When searching for money apps that help you manage your finances, look no further than these six options. These apps have a good reputation for helping customers streamline their budget, save more money, and grow their net worth.

Want more financial apps to help you save? Check out these 8 mobile apps to stash more cash.

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