Need Extra Cash? Earn Up to $45 an Hour With Handy

If you’re looking to make extra money on your own schedule, Handy might be a great option for you. Depending on your skill set, you can earn $22 to a whopping $45 an hour. Here’s how to get started.

What is is a site that helps users find professional workers. Whether you need your apartment scrubbed when you move out or you’re looking for someone to assemble your new desk from Ikea, the Handy app connects users to experienced people to tackle the job.

Handy workers are independent contractors and have experience in a wide range of areas. Users can find professional plumbers, electricians, painters, movers, cleaners, and more.

Unlike similar companies like Task Rabbit, Handy only accepts experienced and skilled workers, allowing you to earn more each hour.

Based in New York, Handy processes over 100,000 customer and worker transactions each month. Each booking has a minimum of two hours. Handy takes a percentage of the cost as their fee, and the contractor gets the rest.

Benefits of working with Handy

If you’re an experienced professional, Handy can help you earn extra money and get new clients. The company boasts that top professionals bring in over $1,000 a week from their work on alone.

With pay as high as $45 an hour, Handy offers one of the highest wages available for an app-based gig.

You can work as much or as little as you want. If you have a demanding schedule, Handy’s flexibility can help you meet your expenses and savings goals without getting tied down to set times.

Additionally, the Handy app makes getting paid simple. Rather than invoicing clients and reminding them to pay up, Handy handles all payments for you. As soon as your job is complete, Handy deposits your earnings into your bank account.

And unlike many other apps, Handy does allow tipping, although the app does not process electronic tips just yet. You keep 100 percent of cash tips.

Downsides of Handy

While Handy has lots of perks, the company is still perfecting both the app and its business model.

One of the biggest complaints is the lack of support for professionals. In the case of an emergency or a dispute with a client, there isn’t a phone number workers can call, so they may feel like they’re on their own.

And because the Handy app is fairly new, the number of jobs is sometimes inconsistent. One week you may have plenty of work, but the next, you may only snag one or two gigs.

Because of this, it may be best to consider Handy a source of supplemental income. It can help bolster your savings or pay down debt, but do not rely on it to pay your essential bills.

Handy charges penalties to enforce their performance standards. If you’re late or if a customer says you did an unsatisfactory job, the company may dock your pay. That’s something to factor in before accepting and completing a job.

Handy is not available everywhere, but it is constantly growing. Right now, the company offers services in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Finally, Handy is not a good side hustle for everyone. If you do not have previous paid experience in one of their services, you cannot get hired. It’s a side gig solely for people who have worked professionally in the field before.


If you’re interested in working as a cleaner or handyman for, there are some simple requirements the company demands. To be hired as a worker, you need to have prior paid experience in the service field you’re applying for.

That can mean formal employment through another company or agency, but if you worked on your own previously, that could work, too. You’ll just need to submit proof of your past experience, such as through paystubs and references.

All Handy independent workers must be authorized to work in the country, and they require excellent customer service skills.

Sign up with Handy

If you have experience with cleaning, building things, or any other of Handy’s services, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better paying side gig. With the chance to make up to $45 an hour and build a larger clientele, working with Handy can be a great way to supplement your income.

If you want to start working with Handy, complete the application and start earning money within a week.

Looking for other flexible opportunities? Check out side gigs like Shipt or Amazon Flex.

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