How to Earn More Money as a Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist

Glamsquad app

For hairstylists and makeup artists, salon hours can be long and exhausting. And if business is slow, you can walk away making very little money.

If you’re a beauty professional looking for a worthwhile side hustle, the Glamsquad app offers a unique way to earn extra income on your own schedule.

What is Glamsquad?

Glamsquad is a service that connects beauty professionals with clients, but unlike a typical salon or spa, customers don’t have to leave their homes. The professional comes directly to a customer’s residence or workplace to do hair, makeup, or nails.

Appointments are available seven days a week from early in the morning to late at night. Glamsquad is currently operational in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington D.C. However, the company hopes to extend their services to Chicago, Boston, Dallas, and San Francisco in 2017.

You can use the Glamsquad app to browse a listing of available services in their area, from a manicure to a blowout. You choose a date, time, location, and payment type that works for them. Glamsquad connects the customer to beauty professionals who arrive at the designated spot with salon-quality tools.

What it’s like to work for Glamsquad

Glamsquad specializes in providing on-demand services, but repeat customers are not common. As a beauty professional, you can select which jobs you want to take.

While clients can request a particular stylist or makeup artist, they can only do so by calling the customer service line. And depending on their needs, they may not be able to book their favorite, so building a clientele is difficult.

Stylists can choose to take on as many or as few clients in their geographic region as they choose. If you have a full-time job in a salon, you can take just a few hours a week on the side for extra income. Want to earn more? You can take on extra work when money is tight.

You may have multiple clients that are spread out, so it’s important to calculate travel time and the cost of transportation when evaluating your earnings.

And because Glamsquad handles advertising, booking, and billing, it can be a good choice for independent stylists who don’t want the overhead costs that come with running their own business.

How much can you earn with Glamsquad

Glamsquad sets prices ahead of time for their services, so there’s no negotiating with the client. For example, a blowout is $50 and a manicure is $35. One downside is that they don’t allow you to charge based on the individual, so you can’t add a surcharge for clients with long or stubborn hair that takes you more time.

Glamsquad does allow stylists to receive tips from clients so you can earn more for good service and excellent results. In fact, the Glamsquad app immediately adds a 20 percent tip onto the customer’s bill that goes directly to the stylist. Your clients can choose to tip you more in cash.

Pay can vary depending on your location and availability, but stylists average $16 an hour. However, beauty professionals who dedicate the majority of their time to Glamsquad can make a full-time income without restricting themselves to one salon. Some report making between $3,000 and $4,000 a month.

After each client, you can request a payout through the app. The app syncs to your bank account, so you can get funds right to your checking or savings account. Glamsquad takes 40 percent of the cost and stylists receive the rest as commission.

Special events and professional development

Glamsquad offers continuing education opportunities for its stylists so you can stay on top of the latest beauty trends or techniques. You can take advantage of free classes and seminars to grow your skills.

While there is not a set class schedule, the classes pop up as the need arises. For example, you may have a class on how to do the mermaid curls that are huge right now, or how to do ombre nails which are more difficult than you would normally do.

Additionally, Glamsquad often brings its stylists to work for major events, such as runway shows or fashion week. If they select you to work on these occasions, you can expect to make double the normal rates and expand your portfolio.

Can I work for Glamsquad?

Glamsquad offers hairstylist jobs, manicurist gigs, and makeup artist jobs, but the hiring process is rigorous. The company performs an in-depth background check and requires members of their team to have a current cosmetology license and at least two years of experience.

Once you apply and make it through the additional screening, each stylist must complete a 40-hour assessment.

To submit your application, visit the jobs section of the Glamsquad website. On the top right, select your area of expertise: hair, makeup, or nails. The site will redirect you to its signup page.

The website will ask you to enter your information, and will also ask you to paste a link to your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page so they can see your work. If you don’t already have one, they recommend creating one and uploading samples of your previous clients so they can evaluate you accurately.

The assessment is an essentially an audition. You have to prove to the team that you can do the styles Glamsquad promotes, like a basic blowout, updo, smokey eye, french manicure, and braids. They do not provide training on their signature styles, as they expect experienced beauty professional to have the skills already.

Once you pass the assessment, you can start working and accept clients through the Glamsquad app right away.

Glamsquad issues tools and products to its contractors, as well. Glamsquad stylists use high-end Dyson hairdryers for all blowouts and salon services.

Freelancing as a beauty professional

While Glamsquad is not for everyone, for beauty professionals who want to earn extra income on the side, the app offers a way to begin work right away.

Because you don’t have to worry about marketing, you can focus on earning money and doing your best work. It can be a useful side hustle when you need to pay down debt or want to boost your savings.

For more information about side gigs, check out the complete guide on launching your own business.

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