8 Early Retirement Blogs That Will Inspire You to Save More

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We all have those days when we don’t want to go to work. But we show up anyway, since that’s how we pay for rent and Netflix.

Some young professionals, though, found a brilliant workaround to the 9 to 5: early retirement. You don’t need to be born wealthy or win the lottery to retire early. Smart saving, wise investments, and frugal living might be all you need to retire earlier than you thought.

If you’re inspired by the idea of financial independence, learn how to achieve it from these eight early retirement blogs.

1. Go Curry Cracker

If you dream of traveling the world, take note of Go Curry Cracker. Winnie and Jeremy run this early retirement blog as they wander the globe. Now a family of three, they’ve been full-time nomads for five years.

After years of paying off his student loans, Jeremy realized he wanted a change. “There were no early retirement blogs back then, so I started reading everything I could get my hands on and reaching out to people who blazed the trail,” says Jeremy.

Winnie and Jeremy made big changes to work toward financial independence. They downsized their lifestyle and invested a major portion of their income in index funds. Now, they share tips on investing, money management, credit cards, and travel on their popular early retirement blog.

2. Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache is a forty-something family man who’s already retired from his tech job. After working in a cubicle through the 90s and early 2000s, Mr. Money Mustache retired to live a “frugal yet badass life of leisure.”

To achieve early retirement, he and his wife lived well below their means and invested aggressively in Vanguard index funds and rental houses. Mr. Money Mustache shares the full story on his early retirement blog, along with tips on how you can follow in his footsteps.

His blog explores different sides of early retirement, from the financial to the philosophical. You’ll learn how to cut your living costs and invest in index funds. Plus, you’ll get tips on changing your life through stoicism or “outrageous optimism.”

Whether you’re looking for technical advice or general inspiration, Mr. Money Mustache will have something for you.

3. 1500 Days

Carl, the early retiree behind 1500 Days, had a clear goal: amass over $1 million in his portfolio over 1500 days. He started in 2013 and achieved his goal in early 2017. Now Carl shares his financial strategies on his blog, along with his experiences as an early retiree.

“While I’ve achieved my initial goal of saving $1 million, I find the emotional aspect of early retirement much more interesting,” says Carl. “The math behind early retirement is easy. Living an intentional and worthwhile life? Not so much.”

If you want a deep dive into the financial and emotional aspects of early retirement, check out 1500 Days.

4. Think Save Retire

Steve, the blogger behind ThinkSaveRetire.com, quit full-time work at the age of 35. He now travels the country in an Airstream with his wife, sharing their journey on his early retirement blog.

Steve writes about budgeting, investing, and living off your retirement savings at an early age. Plus, he discusses the benefits and challenges of his new lifestyle, along with tips on staying positive and tuning out naysayers.

“Think Save Retire is a blog that chronicles my journey of retiring by the age of 35, including the techniques I used and lifestyle I built that prioritizes happiness over the acquisition of stuff,” says Steve. “My goal has always been to make the blog a fun read, and I enjoy offering something different.”

On his blog, Steve encourages people to let go of the idea that retirement is something that happens in your 60s. “[Usher] in the fresh air that comes from breaking the rules,” writes Steve. “Who says you need to retire so late in life? Why can’t you retire, well, now?”

5. Root of Good

Justin McCurry slashed his living expenses to achieve his goal of retiring at 33. He and his wife spent the better part of their money investing.

Even with three kids, McCurry manages to live on just about $40,000 per year. He blogs about his road to independent wealth on his early retirement blog, Root of Good.

McCurry even shows you the math so you can see exactly how much he saved year after year. If you want to see what concrete steps he followed, McCurry’s early retirement blog breaks down his approach to hardcore saving and wise investing in detail.

6. The Green Swan

JW Brooks, founder of The Green Swan, encourages his readers to “work harder, work smarter, retire earlier, and find your beach.” This former banker and his wife, Lucy, amassed $1 million by the age of 30.

Now, JW shares the secrets to his success on his early retirement blog.

“I blog about my road to financial independence and early retirement by my mid-30s,” says Brooks. “I started The Green Swan to help others achieve their financial objectives and believe anyone can be on the path toward early retirement with the right habits and mindset.”

Check out The Green Swan for expert tips on budgeting, saving, and investing. Plus, learn about JW’s various experiments to save more money, like installing solar panels on his house.

7. Mr. Tako Escapes

Mr. Tako reached financial independence at the age of 38. He and his wife saved over 50 percent of their salaries every year, so when Mr. Tako started his early retirement blog, they had a net worth of over $2 million.

“I didn’t inherit any money,” writes Mr. Tako. “I didn’t sell a business for millions. I earned it the ‘hard way,’ one day at a time, one penny at a time — making smart financial decisions, and not following the crowd.”

Now, he shares his knowledge and experience on Mr. Tako Escapes. “Mr. Tako Escapes is a blog about achieving financial independence with a family and making your own ‘escape’ from a life of wage slavery,” says Mr. Tako.

“[I] cover topics like more advanced investing (more than just index funds), cooking really delicious food … travel adventures, financial independence with a family, tentacles, and all kinds of money saving tips. The tone of the blog tends to be pretty humorous, so skip your serious pants for this one!”

8. Early Retirement Now

The husband and wife behind Early Retirement Now go in-depth about how to live off your retirement savings. In particular, they have multiple posts about how to make fee-free withdrawals from your savings accounts.

Neither blogger has retired yet, though they plan to in 2018. Since “Papa ERN” works in the asset management division of a large bank, he has a lot of insight into smart investing. If you’re looking for the nitty-gritty details of financial planning, Early Retirement Now will take you there.

Early retirement blogs help you save

None of the founders of these early retirement blogs won the lottery. They didn’t inherit a great sum of money or make huge salaries.

Instead, they all devoted themselves to keeping their expenses low and savings high.

Although early retirement might seem like an impossible goal, these blogs will show you exactly how to achieve it. And if you’re working toward financial independence, these blogs have the inspiration and information to help you reach your destination.

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