Review: Make up to $25 an Hour Driving for PostMates

driving for PostMates

When it comes to paying down your debt, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to cutting down your expenses.

That’s why increasing your income through side gigs can be so helpful when it comes to managing student loans or credit card debt.

Plus, the best side hustles allow you to work on your own schedule, enabling you to scale your hours up and down as your needs change.

If you’re looking for a lucrative way to earn extra money, driving for PostMates might be the perfect option for you.

Paying up to $25 an hour, this innovative app-based company is looking to hire independent contractors as deliverers in all of its participating markets.

What is the PostMates delivery service?

Unlike other services like Shipt or InstaCart, PostMates offers more than just food delivery.

Located in 27 states and rapidly growing, PostMates is an app-based, on-demand service. While they do deliver restaurant food if you have a midday or late-night craving, they also will drop off office supplies or other essentials whenever you need them.

For example, if you run out of ink toner but are stuck working on a deadline, you could order it online. But it likely wouldn’t arrive until the next day, if you were lucky.

With PostMates, a driver would pick it up for you and drop it off to you in person within minutes of you placing the order. It’s a rapid response service that fills immediate customer needs around the clock.

What’s it like working for PostMates?

One of the best aspects of driving for PostMates is the flexibility the job offers. You can take on delivery gigs when it works for you and you can take on as many or as few as you want.

Unlike traditional jobs, you do not have to sign up on a schedule for deliveries. Instead, you can log into the app whenever you like. Additionally, you can sign up for weekly slots and get priority delivery requests.

What’s more, you keep 80 percent of the delivery fee when you drive for PostMates. Deliverers are also eligible to receive tips from customers, which they keep in full.

PostMates also offers advice for improving your chances of making customers happy and getting tips, including:

  • Communication: The company recommends deliverers call or text customers to let them know as soon as possible about any issues, such as if the desired item is unavailable or if there will be a delivery delay.
  • Presentation: PostMates advises workers to dress professionally, to keep items in hot/cold bags until the moment of delivery, and to be friendly and personable.
  • Speed: The faster deliverers can get an order to a customer, the happier the consumer will be.
  • Accuracy: While speed is important, accuracy is pivotal. PostMates recommends deliverers triple-check their shopping lists and any order details to ensure the customer gets exactly what he or she wanted.

Essentially, PostMates can ebb and flow with your schedule and availability. So when you have time and need the cash, you can make a lot of deliveries. And if you’re stretched too thin, you can cut back as needed.

What are the downsides of driving for PostMates?

Like many app-based side gigs, the income can be inconsistent. While you may sometimes get multiple orders in one day, you can also go other days with no orders at all.

If you’re looking for purely supplemental income, such as to accelerate debt payments or build up your savings faster, working for PostMates can be a good option.

However, it’s not a good choice if you need regular income you can rely on to pay the bills.

Are there any requirements working for them?

While driving for PostMates is one of the most common delivery methods, a car is unnecessary. Some independent contractors make deliveries using motorcycles, scooters, bikes, or even just by walking.

The signup process is very simple. On the application screen, the site will prompt you to enter your email address and a password. After you complete that information, PostMates will redirect you to a short form.

To be eligible to work as a deliverer, you must live in one of the 49 cities where the company is active.

The site asks for your full name, and though you do not have to own a car, they do require you to have a valid driver’s license number. You also have to own either an Android or iPhone device.

Once you have completed the application, PostMates will perform a background check on you and then invite you to either an in-person or online onboarding session.

After you attend the session, you are ready to start making deliveries and earning money.

Start making extra money

At the end of the day, a side gig can help you boost your income, pay down your debt, and establish your emergency fund.

And picking up a side hustle like driving for PostMates gives you more earning potential while working around current demands on your time.

If you are ready to start making up to $25 an hour with PostMates, start the application process today. And if you’re looking for other lucrative side hustles, check out Handy, Amazon Flex, or Shipt.

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