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DRB Student Loan Refinancing Review: How Much Could You Save?

drb student loan refinancing review

If you have student loans, it can feel like you’re stuck with the interest rate you have. Having a high interest rate and a sizable student loan balance can mean paying thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan.

But there’s good news: You can lower your interest rate and make student loan repayment more manageable through the process of student loan refinancing.

Student loan refinancing allows borrowers to consolidate their student loans while potentially scoring a lower interest rate. This can be a win-win in many cases (though you should know about the drawbacks to refinancing, too).

There are a number of student loan refinancing companies out there. In this guide, we’ll cover Darien Rowayton Bank (DRB), one of the main players in the student loan refinancing game. Read on for our complete DRB student loan refinancing review.

DRB student loan refinancing review

Darien Rowayton Bank, commonly shortened to DRB, is a financial institution offering a multitude of products. One of their signature financial products is student loan refinancing.

Through DRB student loan refinancing, borrowers can:

  • Potentially secure lower interest rates
  • Choose between fixed or variable interest rates
  • Opt for shorter or longer repayment terms (between five and 20 years)

According to their website, DRB customers can save more than $20,000 on their student loans after refinancing.

While student loan refinancing can be a good way to save money on interest, it’s also something you should consider carefully, particularly if you have federal student loans. Refinancing federal student loans means missing out on forgiveness or income-driven repayment options.

Though federal student loan borrowers would give up certain benefits, DRB does offer some perks and protections in case hard times hit.

If you experience economic hardship, you may be able to postpone your monthly payments for up to three months at a time. Some qualified reasons to enroll in temporary loan forbearance include job loss or unpaid maternity leave.

Additionally, DRB offers some death and disability benefits. In the unfortunate event that you should pass away or become permanently disabled, DRB will forgive the total amount of your refinanced student loan.

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DRB online platform and application process

In order to qualify for student loan refinancing through DRB, you must fill out an online application. You’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, Social Security number, and address, as well as your education and employment info.

DRB also asks how much you are looking to refinance and how much you earn each year. Many student loan refinancing companies want to know your debt-to-income ratio to properly evaluate your application.

If your credit isn’t strong enough to qualify, you may also add a cosigner. Once you submit an application, you should hear back fairly quickly on whether you are approved and how to move forward with next steps.

The initial application is short, taking about five minutes. After you authorize DRB to pull your credit, they will show you your prospective interest rates. If you wish to continue your application, you will be asked to provide documentation such as your pay stubs, your current loan materials, and more.

When all of your documents are submitted, DRB will come back with your final interest rates as well as loan details. If you accept all the terms and conditions via e-signature, DRB will then send the funds to pay off your loans with your current lenders.

After that, you’ll be left with one monthly payment and one interest rate through DRB, enabling you to save money on interest and manage your student loans. As a DRB customer, you can access their online portal at any time.

DRB interest rates and fees

The whole point of refinancing is to make student loan repayment more manageable and affordable. A key part of that is scoring a lower interest rate that can help you save money.

Under DRB student loan refinancing, you can opt for a variable or fixed interest rate. If you think you can pay off your student loans quickly, a lower variable rate could work in your favor.

If you’re looking for stability and want to secure a rate that won’t change, a fixed interest rate might be your best bet. DRB’s current interest rates are:

  • Variable: 3.64% – 6.29% APR
  • Fixed: 4.20% – 7.20% APR

As you can see, the variable rate is slightly lower, but you run the risk of rates increasing over time due to market fluctuations. According to the DRB website, the variable rate may go up at any time, but will never be more than 9 or 10 percent, depending on the repayment term you choose.

These rates include the autopay discount of 0.25 percent. This discount is granted to borrowers that set up autopay so your monthly payments may be automatically deducted from your bank account.

Ultimately, the interest rate you are offered will depend on a variety of factors including:

  • Your credit history
  • Amount of debt you have
  • Your annual income
  • Variable vs. fixed interest rate loan
  • Your employment situation

Aside from interest rates, you also want to be aware of any pesky fees that could sneak up on you. Luckily, with DRB student loan refinancing there are none. That’s right — no fees for prepaying on your student loans and no origination fees. There’s no fee to application fee, either.

However, if you miss a payment, you will be charged a late fee 15 days after your due date. The late fee will either be a 5 percent of your late payment or $28, whichever amount is less. Additionally, you can be charged $20 if your payment doesn’t clear because of non-sufficient funds.

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DRB eligibility requirements

When applying to refinance your student loans, you’re working with a private financial institution (instead of a public entity like the U.S. Department of Education). This means there are stricter eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions.

For DRB, eligible candidates must:

  • Be a United States resident or permanent resident with a I-551 card
  • Have a bachelor’s or graduate degree
  • Be gainfully employed
  • Parents may also be eligible if they took out student loans for their child and if the child meets the eligibility requirements

Eligible loans include:

  • Undergraduate
  • Parent PLUS
  • MBA
  • Law
  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Engineering

Though DRB has previously focused on graduate and professional degrees, they recently started offering student loan refinancing to those with undergraduate degrees.

You can refinance your loans with DRB even if you have already refinanced with another company. Additionally, DRB refinances both federal and private student loans.

Prospective borrowers do not need a cosigner to qualify for DRB student loan refinancing. But if your credit could use a boost, having a cosigner could help.

Remember, you don’t have to refinance all of your student loans if you don’t want to. For example, if you have private student loans you want to refinance but want to keep your federal loans and benefits intact, DRB allows you to do that.

DRB customer service

No DRB student loan refinancing review would be complete without discussing their customer service. Student loan refinancing isn’t something to take lightly, and you want to make sure you are in good hands.

You can use the live chat function on their website or give the customer service team a call Monday through Saturday at (855) 245-0989 if you have any questions.

They are available Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 6:30pm EST, on Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm EST, and Saturday, 10am to 3pm EST. You can also email them for more assistance at

More about DRB

Darien Rowayton Bank is a financial institution based in Darien, Connecticut. DRB is one of the main players in the student loan refinancing space, but also offers a number of other products and services, including personal loans, mortgages, and more. DRB’s target clientele includes working professionals and executives.

DRB has an A- rating on the Better Business Bureau.

visit the DRB website

DRB contact information

Now that you’ve read this DRB student loan review, you can begin the refinancing process. If you are thinking of refinancing your student loans or are a current customer, you can get in touch with DRB in several ways.

You can call them at (855) 245-0989 during their business hours listed above. You may also email them at For regular mail, their address is:

DRB Education Finance
P.O. Box 191
Bridgeport, CT 06601

You can also follow DRB on social media through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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