This New App Pays You to Try on Clothes

does it fit my butt

When you have financial goals and your salary doesn’t go far enough, a side gig is essential. Juggling multiple jobs can be exhausting, but with the launch of a new app called “Does It Fit My Butt?” (DIFMB), you can earn money by shopping and trying on clothes.

Below, find out how the app works and how you can start making extra income.

An idea forms

Neil Green, the founder of DIFMB, is upfront about not knowing a whole lot about fashion. Though he went to school for physics, he noticed a recurring issue and decided to fix it.

“Every time my wife went shopping, she would come back depressed,” says Neil. “She would leave the dressing rooms with heaps of clothes that didn’t fit.”

Shopping for clothes wasn’t fun for her, and Neil realized this was a problem for women of all sizes and ages. Shopping online is no easier; most stores use tall, slim models, making it impossible to figure out how a garment will actually look on someone shorter with different measurements.

When Neil’s wife did find something that fit, she would take a picture and send the garment’s information to her mother or friends with similar body types so they could get the same thing.

“Watching her and all the work she and other women had to do to find clothes, I thought, ‘I can make an app out of that,’” says Neil.

How the app works

Working closely with his wife, Neil designed Does It Fit My Butt? to connect women with clothes that really fit. With the app’s platform, women enter their measurements and take pictures of their clothes. The shopper enters the garment’s info from its tag so other users can find the same thing near them.

Other users can search for clothes based on their own measurements and find what works for individuals with the same body type. The app blurs out users’ faces, gives the buyer’s dimensions, and has a visual icon that shows how close a fit someone is to your body type.

Does It Fit My Butt?


If you like an outfit and want to find out where the user got it, you pay a $0.99 fee. The shopper who submitted the picture gets $0.50 as a finder’s fee.

“The fashion industry’s sizing approach is so broken,” says Neil. “But with DIFMB, we want women to want to go shopping again. We want to help women save time and the emotional baggage that comes with struggling to find clothes that fit.”

Making money with Does It Fit My Butt?

The app is brand new, but Neil stresses the earning potential for users.

“I think about a woman in a small town with limited shopping options, but who has a sense of style,” says Neil. “If she has a fairly common body type – and the average size in America is over a size 14 – she can share her outfits with others and build a following. There’s no upper limit of what you can earn.”

And unlike other side hustles which require hourly commitments, after taking the initial photos and posting them on the app, DIFMB can be a source of passive income.

“Money can keep trickling in, even weeks or months after you submit a photo,” says Neil. “It’s a low-effort way to make money.”

Getting started

To start making money with DIFMB, just download the platform from the App Store. The app will prompt you to register for an account, create a profile, and enter your dimensions. If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can get a free one sent to you by DIFMB.

“While you are not required to enter your dimensions, doing so increases your chances of getting a finder’s fee,” says Neil. “Dimensions help people see if an item will really fit them or not.”

When you’re ready to take a picture, create a full outfit, complete with accessories, so users can get the full effect and see how flattering a garment can be. When you take your photo, make sure the user can see your full body. The app will ask you to enter item details such as color, the size that fit your dimensions, store location, and price range.



Once you submit the item, other users can look through outfits and click on a picture for garment details.

If you have a fantastic outfit, you might have hundreds of users who look for your garments’ information. By including several pictures and posting consistently, you could increase your chances of earning more money. Track your revenue in the app and deposit it to your bank account when you’re ready.

Earning income while shopping

If you don’t have the time for a traditional part-time job or labor-intensive side gig, try earning cash by shopping and trying on clothes. By signing up with DIFMB, you can start making money without dedicating a ton of time.

For more information about earning additional income, check out this article on 12 strategies you can use to fire up your side gig without burning out.

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