8 Tweets That Perfectly Reflect the Reality of Living with Student Loans

dealing with student loans

Dealing with student loans is a nightmare — one you might feel like you’ll never wake up from.

Sometimes it seems like nobody understands what you’re going through. But the truth is 44 million Americans are in the same boat.

To prove you’re not alone, we turned to Twitter, where we found eight funny but sad but true tweets that perfectly reflect what it’s like to live with student loans.

1. This doesn’t seem like a good idea

Hesitant to take out more loans? That’s a good thing.

If you want a dose of reality, check out our student loan monthly payment calculator, which estimates your monthly student loan bills after graduation.

To get that number lower, take out fewer loans by attending community college, working while you’re in school, or seeking scholarships.

2. I’m not ready to adult

If you just graduated and are shocked by the amount of money you owe, you probably don’t know where to start.

The first step is figuring out which companies are serving your loans. To keep track, sign up for our dashboard, which lets you see them all in one place.

And if the monthly payments are way out of your budget, consider signing up for an income-driven repayment plan that limits payments to a percentage of your paycheck.

3. Job me, plz

Getting a job that pays well can reduce the stress of having student loans.

But how are you supposed to get that job? Make yourself marketable, write a rockstar resume, and network your heart out. If you already have a job you enjoy, increase your value and then ask for a raise.

And if you’re still deciding which career to pursue, you might want to consider public service. Thanks to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, you could get your loans forgiven after a decade.

4. This is my fantasy

You mean we’re supposed to have room in our brains for something other than dealing with student loans?

If you’re like many borrowers, your debt might be delaying your dreams and long-term goals.

There are workarounds, though; you just have to get creative. For example, there are ways to buy a house with a grant or travel despite your loans.

5. If I just buy enough Beanie Babies …

We’ve all come up with ridiculous plans that will make us millions and allow us to pay off our student loans early.

Although the Microsoft Paint idea is entertaining, we all know it’ll go the way of our well-intended Beanie Baby investments.

Instead, try a more lucrative side hustle. You could make food or grocery deliveries or even work as a professional bridesmaid. The sky’s the limit.

6. Interest is the devil

Does this sound familiar? You feel really good about dealing with your student loans — until you see the minuscule amount that went to the principal.

To save on interest in the long run, you could make extra payments on your loans. If you go this route, be sure to call your servicer and confirm the money is going toward your balance, not future payments.

Additionally, if you have a good job and good credit, you might want to consider refinancing your student loans. You could qualify for a much lower interest rate.

7. A different kind of Prince Charming

It’s the new dream: A country singer swoops in and — instead of riding off into the sunset on horseback — pays off all your student loan debt.

Although we can’t guarantee that will happen, we can guarantee money issues will come up between you and your partner.

So be open and honest and have regular conversations about money.

8. Wanna trade places?

As funny as this tweet is, identity theft is no joke. And neither is avoiding your student loans.

The thought of not making payments can be tempting … until you learn about the consequences. Defaulting on your loans could lead to garnished wages, a lower credit score, and nonstop calls from collections.

If you can no longer manage your student loan bills, you have options besides defaulting. You can sign up for an income-driven plan, apply for deferment or forbearance, or see if your lender will work with you on other payment plans.

The important thing to remember about student loans is you’re not alone. If you don’t know what to do, read some funny tweets — and then take action to get your loans under control.

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