7 Ways CordiaGrad Can Help You Save Money on Your Student Loans


Saving money on student loans isn’t easy. The truth is that there just aren’t very many ways to cut the cost of college debt once you have it. Even so, it’s not impossible.

CordiaGrad is one of the companies out there helping student loan borrowers refinance their loans and reduce the amount of interest they pay over time.

But that’s not the only way CordiaGrad helps its clients save — if you have student loans and would like to save money (who wouldn’t?), find out how CordiaGrad can assist you.

7 ways CordiaGrad can save you money on student loans

CordiaGrad prides itself on being small and borrower-focused. The reliable and personable customer service (including online chat and email options) makes it ideal for those who want quick, convenient, personal attention.

Here’s how CordiaGrad refinancing may change how you save on your student loan payments.

1. Transparency from the start

Comparing refinancing options involves a lot of guesswork. Some lenders will provide only a quick example of a rate you qualify for. Others will make you apply before giving you your new rate.

However, with CordiaGrad, you can learn your new interest rate and payment option with just four questions using their online “Find My Rate” tool, which allows you to see your savings and apply to refinance.

2. Low interest rates

If you’re looking at refinancing, you likely wonder, “How much is this going to actually save me?” CordiaGrad has some of the lowest interest rates available —  as low as a variable 3.00% over five years for borrowers with excellent credit.

That kind of reduction can leave a lot of money in your pocket. For example, if you have $25,000 in student loans, at a rate of 8.90% and five years left, you’d pay roughly $512.91 monthly.

By refinancing to CordiaGrad’s lowest rate, your payment would drop to $455.35 and save $3,453.85 over the loan’s lifetime.

3. Shorten your repayment time

Student loan holders looking to get out of debt quickly are often stuck with 12- to 30-year loan terms — leaving them paying it off well into middle age.

CordiaGrad offers three alternative options meant to reduce this payment period. Five-, eight-, and 12-year lifetimes are meant to give you flexibility while also helping those who want to cut down time but still have lower payments. For example, a person with a 15-year loan can refinance to a 12-year term and still save thousands of dollars.

Those who qualify for the five- and eight-year terms also can use variable interest rates (which fluctuate with the market) to save even more. To determine which option is better for you, read our guide to fixed vs. variable interest rates.

4. Extra discount incentives

CordiaGrad offers many extra discounts to your interest rate. One of the best is a 0.50% reduction when you enroll in auto-draft monthly payments from one of their free checking accounts.

In addition, if your credit score exceeds 700, you are eligible for an interest rate discount. Plus, those with advanced or specialized degrees in fields like engineering have even more potential savings waiting to be unlocked.

5. Rewards for sharing

You can also earn money by spreading the word about CordiaGrad.

This program, which gives you $200 per enrollee you refer, is a  win-win for both you and the company. CordiaGrad gets to reach additional qualified applicants like yourself, and you can walk away with $200 towards your student loan payment.

Plus, there is no maximum on how much you can earn, so working your network can lead to huge bonuses.

6. Options for parents

Unlike grads, parents do not qualify for programs such as Income-Based Repayment or student loan forgiveness.  Luckily, your parents can apply to refinance their PLUS loans through CordiaGrad.

Like student borrowers, parents must have the two-year employment history and a strong credit score. Their rates are quoted at nearly the same (minus the potential discounts for advanced degrees), and they can access bonuses such as the free checking account and rewards referral program.

7. Goodbye fees

Unlike larger banks and lenders who actively discourage you from paying your loans off early, CordiaGrad doesn’t charge a cent for pre-payment penalties.

Instead, you will only be responsible for the amount of interest that has accrued up until the day of your payoff. There are also no fees to open (origination) or apply for an account.

The CordiaGrad breakdown

CordiaGrad aims to attract the best and most qualified applicants when it comes to refinancing student loans. In order to become a refinancer, you must meet the following criteria:

Qualifications for CordiaGrad:

  • 23 or older
  • At least two years of employment history
  • Income of $42,000 or more annually*
  • Credit score of 700+*
  • $20,000-$350,000 in student loans to be refinanced

*There is a co-signer option for those who don’t meet these qualifications. With the cosigner, the income minimum goes down to $25,000 annually, and the credit score can be as low as 670. The cosigner will be required to apply jointly with you and must be willing to take on the responsibility of your loan should you cease making payments.

Is CordiaGrad right for you?

When you’re shopping for the best refinancing programs, there is a lot to consider. But if you are a well-qualified borrower with a history of making good financial decisions, CordiaGrad can be a great way to save big money on your student loans.

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