What Happened to Chase Student Loans? Here’s How to Find Out

chase student loans

JPMorgan Chase is the biggest financial institution in the U.S. Its commercial banking arm, Chase Bank, offers many ways for customers to borrow and manage their money.

Chase student loans used to be one of those products, but they were discontinued a few years ago. If you have Chase student loans or are interested in borrowing for college, here are your options now that the lender no longer offers these loans.

Why Chase student loans are no longer available

JPMorgan Chase funded both federal and private student loans. The financial institution offered private Chase student loans directly to borrowers and worked with the government as a servicer for federal student loans.

In 2012, Chase closed its student loans to all but existing Chase customers. In September 2013, it opted to discontinue Chase student loans altogether.

The lender also doesn’t offer Chase personal loans or personal lines of credit.

What if you already had Chase student loans?

Many borrowers hold Chase student loans that originated before 2013.

Originally, Chase managed the student loans it issued, but it has since discontinued its student loan servicing. Some Chase student loans were transferred to student loan servicers, while others were sold to student loan companies (more on that below).

Where are my Chase student loans now?

If you had Chase student loans, the lender should have notified you of any change in ownership or servicing. This information usually is communicated by email and regular mail from your servicer. Review your records to see if you received any such alerts.

Lenders also report information on your student loan accounts to credit reporting agencies. Check your credit reports to see if a transfer of loans is listed and to find your new lender or servicer.

Here’s an overview of the servicers that currently own and manage Chase student loans.

American Education Services (AES)

Chase private student loans are now serviced by American Education Services. Borrowers can visit the AES website to contact AES about its Chase student loans or call 1-800-233-0557 to get help by phone.

Conduent Education Services

The new servicer for federal student loans originated by Chase is listed on the Chase website as ACS Education Services (ACS). However, ACS no longer exists; it was bought out and rebranded as Conduent Education Services in January 2017.

You can reach Conduent’s customer service department at 1-800-835-4611 or visit the Conduent website to see if your Chase student loans are now held by Conduent Education Services.


Earlier this year, JPMorgan Chase finalized a deal to sell $6.9 billion in student loans to Navient. This portfolio of Chase student loans included both federal and private loans.

The transaction was announced in April 2017. Borrowers whose student loans were sold should have been notified of the change.

According to a statement from Navient, “servicing contacts remain unchanged” for affected borrowers. However, the statement also said that “Navient anticipates converting the loans to its servicing platforms in the future and will provide multiple consumer-tested personalized communications at the appropriate time.”

So if your Chase student loan was sold to Navient, expect servicing to end up with Navient at some point.

You can’t get Chase student loans — where to turn instead

If you’re on the hunt for college funding options, Chase student loans won’t be an option, which can be especially disappointing for current Chase customers looking for student loan financing.

But many other lenders and servicers offer student loans. Here are four types of student loans to consider when you’re trying to pay for college:

  1. Federal student loans are one of the simplest ways to get the money you need for college. Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and the Federal Student Aid Office will evaluate your eligibility for student loans and other financial aid.
  2. Credit union student loans often provide low-cost private student loans with favorable terms for members. There might even be a college credit union affiliated with your school you could be eligible to join. Check out LendKey, an online platform that can quickly connect you with credit unions that offer private student loans.
  3. Online student loans offer some great rates and above-average borrower protections. Check out the lenders we handpicked in our roundup of the best private student loans.
  4. Student loans from traditional banks still exist, even if you can’t get Chase student loans. Citizens Bank is one option. It has an online arm that offers student loans nationwide.

As you research different kinds of lenders, be sure to compare student loan terms. You also should compare costs such as origination fees and student loan rates to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Pay attention to borrower protections too.

Although Chase student loans don’t exist, college students and their families can find smart alternatives for college financing. Using the right financial tool, it’s possible to pay for college and manage student debt accordingly — from the first semester to graduation and beyond.

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