Bloc Review: How to Become a Developer in Just 36 Weeks

bloc review

The web and software development industries are booming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for developers will grow by 27 percent by 2024, vastly outpacing other industries. For those looking for steady and lucrative employment, a career in development may be an excellent choice.

For those looking for steady and lucrative employment, a career in development may be an excellent choice.

But while you can major in computer science in school, technology is always changing. Going back to college to learn the latest software is expensive and impractical. Luckily, there are courses and boot camps you can take without enrolling in a four-year program. One of the most prestigious and well-known is the Bloc boot camp.

Below, learn about the program in our Bloc review and discover how it can help your career.

Bloc can help expand your skills

Bloc review

This continuing education company offers online boot camps that prepare students for a career in coding in an accelerated time-frame.

Bloc software developer track ($19,500)

Bloc’s software developer track is one of its most in-demand courses. And that’s because there is a real need for talented developers. According to Bloc, there are more than one million job openings for software developers right now.

Bloc’s software developer career tracks replace the need for a traditional four-year degree in computer science. In Phase 1 of the program, students learn the fundamentals of programming. You’ll learn the basics that you’ll need, including HTML, CSS, Git, GitHub, Javascript, and Ruby.

By learning these coding languages, you’ll have a sound basis in both backend and frontend programming. You will also learn the essentials for automating tasks and formatting design. From there, you progress to more advanced coding concepts and will build a web app.

In the final stages, students get hands-on experience building apps, websites, and programming codes. They complete the program with a final project, where students learn to problem-solve coding issues.

The program is available on your schedule. If you’re able to make a full-time commitment, there is a 36-week program. Once you complete it, you will be ready to enter into a development career. You can also do either a 54-week or 108-week part-time course so you can work full-time as you learn.

Financing plans for the software developer track are available.

Web developer track ($8,800)

With the web developer track, you can choose from a 27-week part-time course – requiring a commitment of 20 hours a week – or a 54-week course that’s only 12 hours a week.

In the web development course, you will learn programming fundamentals and both frontend and backend development. The course covers SQL, database management, and API design.

As part of the web developer track, students participate in projects that go beyond the basics of HTML or CSS. Participants learn animation, CSS transitions, and responsive CSS. And you can build your version of Reddit to you can learn the intricacies of Rails.

There are assessment projects along the way, where you demonstrate your skills to solve problems or build sites. Once you complete the program, Bloc will issue you a Full Stack Web Developer certificate of completion.

Design track ($9,800)

Bloc created the design track for technology professionals who want to learn to build web applications. It’s an immersive course that the company designed for beginners with no prior design experience.

The intensive track requires a commitment of 40 hours a week for 24 weeks. But there are also part-time options available, such as a 72-week course that needs just 15 hours a week.

In the design curriculum, you get hands-on experience with a broad range of projects. You will learn the UX/UI design process and create apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Upon graduation, students will have a comprehensive portfolio to show potential employers. When you leave, you will have created four to six applications and a live project source code.

Further your career with Bloc

Expanding skills ($5,000 per program)

For experienced technology professionals who are looking to expand their current skill set, Bloc offers many different options.

You can learn how to create robust web applications using the Rails framework, build frontend projects with HTML and CSS, or develop Android-specific applications.

The courses last for either 32 or 16 weeks, depending on the time commitment you make. If you opt for the longer program, Bloc expects you to dedicate 10 hours a week. If you choose the shorter version, you must spend 25 hours a week learning.

While each course does not issue certifications once you finish the program, you do get three to five advanced projects you can add to your portfolio.

What are classes like?

Bloc’s curriculum has two sections: Foundation and Projects. In the Foundation portion, you will learn the fundamental concepts of the programs you are learning, such as JavaScript. The lessons are a mix of traditional text-based information, videos, and assignments. Once you have the essentials, you transition to the Projects section.

With Projects, you apply what you learned in a hands-on approach. You’ll try to problem solve open-ended issues as a career programmer or designer would. You’ll identify the problem, come up with possible solutions, and trouble-shoot until you find an outcome that works.

Who is eligible for Bloc’s courses?

Bloc boot camp classes have a 100% acceptance rate for all of its courses. They believe that all students are capable of learning how to code, so their programs are accessible to all. Because all the courses are online, there are no space constraints as there are with traditional universities.

How to enroll

If you’re ready to enroll in one of the career tracks or one of the courses, the process is simple. Just click on “Enroll” on the top right. The site will prompt you to enter your information, select your track, choose a time commitment, preferred start date, and your payment information. Then Bloc asks you to complete a pledge, vowing to dedicate your time to hands-on learning.

Once you have completed those steps, you’re all set. Bloc will send you information on the courses and your mentor. But because Bloc accepts all applicants, you can get started right away without waiting on a decision from an admissions office.

No special tools or software are needed. While Bloc says most students prefer Macs, you can do the courses and programs using any computer.

Mentorship and career support

In the program, Bloc connects each student with an experienced mentor. Mentors are professionals who have worked for companies like Google, Apple, or Amazon. As you go through your assignments, you can contact your mentor for help, discuss challenging programming aspects, and get real-time feedback.

Bloc also offers comprehensive career support to help you land a job after school. They help with every aspect of your job search, from creating a portfolio to writing a compelling resume and cover letter. Bloc also provides mock interviews and advice on how to negotiate salary.


Web and software developers are in high-demand, and the earning potential is substantial. The average salary for a software developer is $98,260. And as your skills progress and you climb the corporate ladder, your salary can increase well into the six-figures.

While Bloc does not connect you with employers or have companies lined up to hire students, their program is well-respected by major corporations. Companies like Uber, YouTube, and Yelp have all hired Bloc graduates.

Tuition reimbursement guarantee

Bloc stands by the quality of its program. If you complete one of the Bloc coding courses and do not get a job as a developer within 120 to 180 days of graduating, Bloc will completely refund the cost of your tuition.

There are some stipulations to qualify for the tuition reimbursement guarantee. For example, you must live or be willing to relocate to a metropolitan area, since those are the regions most likely to hire developers. You must also apply to a specific number of jobs each week and track all your job search information.

For more details about the guarantee and eligibility requirements, view Bloc’s complete criteria.

Sign up for Bloc boot camp

About Bloc

Founded in 2011, Bloc was one of the first coding boot camps and the first to offer completely virtual classes. The company focuses on changing the learning model. Rather than learning with dozens of other students and one teacher, Bloc provides one-on-one educational opportunities with an experienced web or software developer.

Bloc support and contact information

If you’re considering enrolling in one of Bloc’s programs but have questions, you can contact the company at 404-480-2562 or email You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Becoming a software or web developer

As you can see in this Bloc review, if you’re ready to launch a new career or expand your skills, enrolling in one of Bloc’s programs can put you on the fast track to a new job. With a coding certificate from Bloc, you can get a high-paying job in software or web development with major companies nationwide.

If you’re interested in enrolling a Bloc boot camp but have concerns about the cost, check out this post on available scholarships.

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