7 Great Perks the Best Work From Home Jobs Provide

best work from home jobs

In the past few years, the number of people working remotely has exploded. According to GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com, regular work from home arrangements have grown by 103 percent since 2005.

Hundreds of companies offer full-time jobs that you can do from anywhere, and you don’t have to sacrifice benefits like health insurance or office equipment.

The best work from home jobs have these perks

The best work from home jobs provide employee perks, even if they look different than they do in a traditional office setting. So if you’re looking for online work, prioritize positions that offer these seven employee perks and benefits.

1. Health insurance or wellness reimbursement

Even if you’re not going into an office day after day, you can still find a company that offers health insurance. Many health insurance companies offer plans across the U.S. Even if your team is scattered across all 50 states, a remote company is still able to provide coverage.

If your company doesn’t offer a specific plan, it might reimburse you for health and wellness costs instead. It could cover some or all of the cost of your health insurance premium. Plus, it may throw in a little extra to cover other wellness necessities, such a gym membership.

IBM and Humana, for instance, both offer health insurance to a variety of remote employees. Apple provides health insurance to its “at home advisors” in customer support. If a company wants to stay competitive in the remote working space, it should provide health insurance to its employees.

2. Technology and home office stipend

When you work from home, you don’t have access to the resources of an office. That’s why the best work from home jobs provide a stipend for you to set up a home office. This stipend should cover all your home office needs, including a computer, desk, office chair, monitor, headset, or printer.

Many companies will let you keep these purchases even after your employment with them ends. A few may collect the equipment if you quit within a few months, however.

3. Internet, phone, or coworking space reimbursement

When working remotely, you’ll likely conduct most of your work online or over the phone. Ideally, your company will reimburse you for your working costs. They might cover your internet or cell phone bill or buy you a membership to a coworking space.

If you’re worried about your phone bill or a quiet space to work, don’t let these concerns hold you back from searching for a remote role. The best work from home jobs provide the technology and space you need to get your job done.

4. Ample training and open communication

Are you worried that an online job means working in a vacuum? Remote jobs should still provide plenty of training and onboarding. Instead of leaving you to sink or swim, companies should help you learn the ins and outs of your position and become part of the team.

Most online companies with distributed teams rely on communication technologies to stay in touch. They use Google Hangouts, Slack, or Zoom, for example, for chat, calls, and video conferences.

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, also uses an internal blog to keep everyone connected. Remote company Buffer relies on Timezone.io and Hipchat to talk across time zones.

If you’re joining a remote company, you might learn some new communication technologies for onboarding and collaborating. With these online tools, you’ll learn how to succeed in your role and join the company fold.

5. Paid vacation days

Just like traditional full-time jobs, remote jobs should offer paid vacation days. Groove, for instance, offers unlimited paid vacation time to their employees.

Remote company Toggl provides 28 paid vacation days, plus the national holidays of whatever country their employees live in.

6. 401(k) matching

Another traditional benefit you don’t have to sacrifice for online work is a 401(k) account and employer match.

Health insurance company Humana, for instance, made it into the top 20 of FlexJobs’ list of remote companies. As part of its robust benefits package, Humana offers 401(k) retirement plans with a 6 percent employer match.

7. In-person team retreats

Beyond chatting online, some remote companies bring workers together through team retreats.

Buffer, for example, has taken its team to Lake Tahoe, Bangkok, Cape Town, New York, Sydney, and Reykjavik in the past few years. According to the Buffer blog, these retreats provide an opportunity to work together, participate in team bonding activities, and enjoy fun excursions together in a new city.

You don’t have to sacrifice benefits to do online work

Working online doesn’t mean giving up workplace benefits. In fact, many companies with distributed teams are leading the way with employee perks.

These forward-thinking companies support their workers with wellness reimbursement, technology stipends, and even team retreats around the world. Many also provide reimbursement for continuing education and professional conferences.

If you’re looking for online work, prioritize jobs that offer these benefits. Plus, you’ll get one of the best perks of all: the ability to work whenever you want from wherever you want.

If you’re interested in online work, check out these websites with work from home jobs.

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