Side Income Ideas Perfect for the 10 Most Popular Degrees

best side jobs

There are plenty of side jobs out there that almost anyone can do. But some of the best ones can be snagged if you apply your college degree and knowledge base attached to it.

Working on these side jobs will also build up your resume and give you more real-world experience, making you a more competitive candidate for future employers.

Here are some of the best side jobs for those of you with bachelor’s degrees in 10 of the most popular majors.

1. Business administration: business operations contractor

Business administration majors acquire an extensive understanding of business practices and principles. They are well-positioned to make extra money providing services to many companies looking to outsource some of their operations.

As a freelancer, business majors can work a variety of business operations contractor jobs, such as a virtual assistant, administrative coordinator, or business operations manager. Many of these side jobs average around $20 an hour, according to PayScale.

2. Liberal arts or general studies: freelance researcher

A liberal arts or general studies degree allows students more freedom to explore and draw connections across disciplines, rather than take a deep dive into any one.

As a result, liberal arts majors develop several important skills like research, critical analysis, and flexible thinking.

These skills, along with a wide knowledge base, make liberal arts majors perfect for freelance researching. This job entails finding articles, data, and other sources, and analyzing them to find key information or form conclusions.

Freelance researchers earn an average $35,500 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. That comes out to about $17 per hour if you’re putting in full-time work. You might be able to command higher pay with more experience.

3. Nursing: in-home caregiver

As a nurse, you can usually pick up an extra shift here or there at various locations to boost your income.

And aith a nursing certification or degree, graduates gain medical and caregiving skills that are currently in high demand, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Another side job for nurses could be providing part-time, in-home care. Pay can range for in-home nursing depending on qualifications and patient needs. Average pay is $25 an hour according to PayScale.

4. Psychology: wellness coach

With a psychology degree comes an understanding of mental processes and human behavior. Psychology majors can use this knowledge to help people in need of emotional support, guidance, or coaching.

Some of the best side jobs for psychology majors include roles like wellness consultant, life coach, career counselor or even a meditation instructor.

You can offer such services independently and on your own schedule, all while helping people get insights on how to live a more fulfilled life. These side jobs pay well too, with life coaches averaging about $35 an hour, according to PayScale.

5. Biology: health coach

Many biology majors have a knowledge set they can use to help people achieve greater physical health.

Biology majors looking for a side gig can try working as a health coach or fitness consultant, which make an average of around $23 an hour according to PayScale.

Their understanding of the human body, physiology, and nutrition can be put to use helping people trying to get healthier and more fit.

6. Accounting: tax preparer

Accountants graduate with the ability to track and account for financial assets, from an individual level to potentially a corporate level.

And if you majored in accounting, you can make plenty of extra income helping people with their taxes.

Clients might pay you upwards of $100 to prepare and file a return on their behalf. This is most likely less than what a tax-preparing agency might charge, so a lot of people are willing to pay it.

Plus, it’s still enough to make it worth your while. That makes tax preparing one of the best side jobs for accountants.

7. Criminal Justice: private investigator

Criminal justice majors understand the law enforcement and justice systems.

They also understand the process of investigating crimes, from interviewing witnesses to creating a case. These skills can directly translate into a side job as a private investigator.

Private investigation usually entails conducting investigations and gathering evidence on behalf a client, which can be a person, company or a lawyer.

In most states, if you’re working as a private investigator you must be licensed to legally investigate in that state. Most private investigators make a decent average of $21 an hour according to PayScale.

8. English: paper grader

English majors do write (and read) a lot of papers and know what makes a good essay. These skills can be put to use as a part-time paper grader.

If you’re interested in grading papers, there are a couple of ways to make extra money doing so. One option is to grade papers for professors, teachers, or exam proctors.

And the pay is pretty decent. SAT essay graders, for instance, can make upwards of $17 an hour.

You can also offer your services directly to students to help them fine-tune term papers or college entrance essays. Rates for these services tend to start around $20 a paper.

9. Social work: support group leader

With an understanding of human relationships and social issues, social work majors can use their skills in a side job to benefit their communities.

A side job for social workers could be a support group leader, which involves coordinating and facilitating discussions among peers facing major life obstacles like grief or addiction.

You could also potentially work with volunteers to help them develop support skills and even lead their own groups.

10. Elementary education: off-hours teacher

Graduates of elementary education programs are qualified to be teachers, and the best way to make extra income is to teach during their time off.

Many schools have before- or after-school programs where teachers can earn extra income. And teachers who get summers off might also be able to make extra income by teaching art, writing, music or similar workshops during that time. Or, by being a summer camp counselor.

If you’re willing to get a bit creative, you can identify the best side jobs for your degree, skill sets, and passions. And as you build up your side income, you’ll be boosting your bottom-line and your earning potential at the same time.

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