5 Best Side Hustles for Extroverts

best jobs for extroverts

There may come a point in your financial journey where you’ve scrimped all you can and you can’t cut back anymore. You may hit a plateau with your financial progress and feel stuck.

This is what happened to me a few years ago. I cut my budget to the bone but still didn’t have enough money to make the progress that I wanted to make on my student loan debt. The only solution? Earning more. So I started side hustling.

As a theater major and natural extrovert, I found ways that I could leverage my personality type into earning more money. If you love talking to people and get your energy from being around others, here are the best side hustles for you. (Not an extrovert? Find out the best jobs for introverts)

Best jobs for extroverts

1. Brand ambassador

A few years ago, I got serious about side hustling and I came across a job listing for someone to hand out flyers in Central Park for a pet adoption event. Easy enough, I thought. After getting paid $20 per hour for fairly minimal work, I was hooked.

As a brand ambassador, I acted as the public face of a company at events. Brand ambassadors often work large scale events such as concerts or sports games, and hand out free swag and coupons to the public to increase brand awareness and promote sales.

If you have a knack for talking to people and can stand on your feet for long hours, being a brand ambassador can be a lucrative side hustle. I’ve done every type of brand ambassador job, from grocery store demos to giving out free swag at sold-out concerts. Brand ambassador jobs vary by location, but you can typically earn $15-$25 per hour on average.

As an extrovert, being a brand ambassador was fun because I talked to a lot of people. I loved being a brand ambassador as it offered a flexible schedule and free stuff. Not only that, but every gig was different, so it was never boring.

My most lucrative (and fun!) brand ambassador gig was promoting Columbia Sportswear—it was a month long promotion in Bryant Park in New York City, and we encouraged people to try on jackets and sing karaoke in a freezer. I had a great time and received over $500 worth of clothing, in addition to payment.

Being a brand ambassador is one of the best jobs for extroverts. To get started, look on Craigslist and EventSpeak. Additionally, check out “Brand Ambassadors of [Your City]” groups on Facebook to see which agencies are hiring in your area.

Make sure you have a headshot (doesn’t need to be professional) and an events resume. When I was starting out with no experience, I put down all of my volunteer experience working with events. If you like talking to people and can show up on time, you have a job!

2. Public speaker

When you’re an extrovert, you derive your energy and inspiration from others. You feel jazzed after long conversations with friends and can actually enjoy, rather than dread, so-called networking events. Use that enthusiasm to your advantage by taking on one of the best jobs for social people: public speaking. Everyone has a story to tell—depending on your interests and expertise, you can leverage your personality to speak about a variety of things, including your career, education, or travels.

You can book speaking gigs at nonprofits, churches, schools, conferences, and more. According to public speaker Grant Baldwin, you can charge between $1,000 to $2,500 for your first talk. To get started you may want to check out a local speaker’s bureau or cold pitch a local organization—and for practice, check out your local Toastmasters chapter.

3. Event planner

Do your friends always ask for your help any time there’s a big event like a bachelorette party or birthday? Are you your family’s go-to person when planning local get-togethers and reunions? If so, turn your love of event planning into a side hustle. You can help plan birthdays, graduation parties, anniversaries, and wedding receptions, earning between $12 and $75 per hour.

To get started, let your friends and family know about your new business and start advertising your services in your area online via a website and social media.

4. Salesperson

If you have the gift of gab and enjoy interacting with people, consider a side hustle in sales. There are many sales jobs out there that offer flexibility, and you can work as part of a company or on your own—think of any person working at a convention, farmers’ market, or street fair.

If you’ve mastered the art of persuasion and can connect with people on a genuine level, a side hustle in sales could be a good fit for you. What you earn as a salesperson can vary widely by industry and state. According to Payscale, a salesperson can make between $22,387 and $78,937 per year, plus up to $15,781 in bonus pay.

If you’re a gifted salesperson, the bonuses and commissions can make this a lucrative side hustle. Find gigs on Craigslist and Indeed or pitch a local company and let them know why you’d be the perfect fit.

5. Customer service

If you’re looking for the best jobs for extroverts, consider becoming a customer service agent, where you can interact with others and solve problems. Some companies need customer service agents 24/7, making this side hustle easy to fit in your schedule around your other commitments.

In this role, you may talk with others via telephone, email, or both, but you’ll get a heavy dose of human interaction—and if you’re good at your job, you might even make someone’s day. We’ve all had good and bad experiences with customer service representatives, but you can have a prominent role in supporting customers and act as the backbone of a business.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for customer service representatives was $15.25 per hour in 2015. Look for customer service jobs on Craigslist or Indeed.

Earn more money now

Extroverts can maximize their earning potential by playing up their people skills and finding energizing jobs for social people. Not only that, but you can earn more money to pay down debt, build up your savings, or even have a “fun” fund.

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