Review: Earn $18 to $25 an Hour With Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex review

From one-day shipping to orders that arrive within hours, Amazon is leading the charge when it comes to meeting customers’ needs.

Using independent workers, the company relies on Amazon Flex to fulfill orders with a rapid turnaround. Through this program, workers can make between $18 and $25 an hour delivering packages on behalf of Amazon.

So if you’re looking for a flexible side-gig with steady earning potential, working as an Amazon Flex driver may be the perfect opportunity for you.

In this Amazon Flex review, we’ll cover the program’s value as a side gig and source of income to see.

About Amazon Flex

To accommodate orders with same-day shipping, Amazon uses Amazon Flex workers to fulfill orders.

Cheaper and more cost-effective than UPS or the Post Office, these independent contractors can make deliveries around the clock, seven days a week.

Amazon pays these drivers per delivery, and they can also receive tips from customers. Depending on how many orders you complete, you can make up to $25 an hour.

And unlike many other jobs, you can pick what days you want to work whenever you’re free. So if you want to take days or even weeks off, you can do that without checking in with a manager.

What’s it like working with Amazon Flex?

Jason DiGiovanna is an Amazon Flex driver in the Portland area.

As someone who has worked several different gigs with app-based companies, DiGiovanna says Amazon has been one of the best for building a side income.

“In comparison to Lyft or Uber, it’s more lucrative and easier to plan around,” says DiGiovanna. “The delivery areas are closer to my house than picking someone up and driving them to the opposite side of the city.”

“It’s also guaranteed money when you get on the schedule, and it puts fewer miles on my car,” DiGiovanna adds.

Although Amazon Flex is rapidly expanding, right now it’s only in the following cities:

  • Arlington (VA), Atlanta, Austin
  • Baltimore, Cincinnati, Columbus
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis
  • Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Nashville, New York, Orlando
  • Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland
  • Raleigh, Richmond, Rockville (MD)
  • San Antonio, Seattle, Springfield (VA)
  • Tampa Bay, Virginia Beach.

How to become an Amazon Flex driver

If you want to become a driver, visit the Amazon Flex website and submit an application. Then Amazon will send you a link to a training webinar.

Please note, it can take several weeks to get the webinar link. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back from them right away.

After going through the webinar, where you will learn how the program and the Flex app works, Amazon will perform a thorough background and motor vehicles record check.

Once Amazon completes the background check, they approve you to work, and you can get started whenever you are ready.

While DiGiovanna says the process was easy, he cautions that it can take some time.

“It only took about a week for my background check to clear, but currently there is a long waiting list in my area for people who want to work for Amazon,” he says.

What a work day looks like

As a driver, you pick up orders at an Amazon distribution center.

Flex workers have a designated area where they wait, and an employee will call your name and give you your deliveries and any special instructions.

Once you have completed delivering those items, you can return for another set or call it a day.

“On average, I work about 30 hours a week for Amazon Flex,” says DiGiovanna. “My hourly pay rate averages $18 an hour, but I can do the work quickly.”

Amazon Flex review

Amazon Flex can be a lucrative side hustle. Especially since $18 an hour is your guaranteed minimum rate.

If customers do tip, they can do so either in-person with cash or online. And, you get the full amount: Amazon doesn’t take a cut.

However, you are not guaranteed a minimum amount of hours. So your income can fluctuate wildly. One month you may be able to work 30 hours a week consistently. The next month, you may be only able to do three hours a week.

“The volume of work fluctuates. It’s never consistent,” says DiGiovanna. “It can be difficult to plan your schedule.”

“But the money is good,” adds DiGiovanna. “I use my income to pay off my car loan ahead of schedule and better myself.”

The program is a great side gig for supplemental income. But, you probably shouldn’t rely on it as your main paycheck.

Joining the gig economy

If Uber or Lyft are not your ideas of a good side hustle, Amazon Flex may be a good option for you.

It’s a well-paying side gig that can help you meet your financial goals, whether they are paying off credit card debt or building up an emergency fund.

As a source of extra income, working as a driver can be a great way to earn an excellent hourly wage on your own schedule. And if this Amazon Flex review peaked your interest, sign up to become a driver today and start making money.

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