Earn Over $10 an Hour With Alcohol Delivery Service Saucey

alcohol delivery

If you’re looking for extra income but your schedule doesn’t allow for a traditional second job, a side hustle may be for you. From delivery services to working as a handyman, there are gigs available that can meet your needs.

One of the latest scooter or car delivery jobs to pop up is working as a Saucey courier. If you’re in need of a lucrative side hustle, working for Saucey may be for you.

About Saucey

Saucey is a growing startup that currently operates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and Chicago.

The company was founded by three friends to solve a common problem. After a long day at work, a glass of wine sounds great. But if you’re out of booze and too tired to run to the store, you’re out of luck.

The founders addressed this by offering one-hour beer, wine, and alcohol delivery in their service areas. Customers sign into the app, choose what items they want, and a Saucey courier picks up the bottles and delivers them right to the customer’s door.

Working as a Saucey courier

As a Saucey courier, you can sign into the app and pick up deliveries on your own schedule. With the app, you can select specific neighborhoods you’d like to deliver to. Stick to your familiar stomping grounds or use this opportunity to explore a new area.

Ari Terrell works as a Saucey courier in San Francisco, using her scooter to get around and make deliveries.

“I enjoy the job very much and I like helping people keep the party going,” says Terrell. “I love riding through the city; my brain needs dynamic movement and constant stimulation.”

Terrell says that after expenses and taxes, she makes over minimum wage. Moreover, most customers tip the couriers—a rarity for many app-based delivery services. “Most tipped between 14 and 20 percent,” says Terrell.

Drawbacks to Saucey’s alcohol delivery

Nicholas Wandtke worked as a Saucey courier and loved the job, up until a few months ago when he says his wages fell.

“When I started with Saucey a year ago, I averaged between $17 and $20 an hour,” says Wandtke. “But recently, that number has plummeted to about $10 an hour.”

When the company started out, it had fewer couriers that were paid more. But as Saucey has grown, more couriers have signed up and fewer deliveries are available.

“The work is not very steady,” says Wandtke. “If you are not actively refreshing the app when the shifts are released to couriers, you will not get any hours.”

Like many delivery services, competition can make getting hours and high wages more difficult. But if you go in understanding that the gig is meant to be a source of supplemental income, it can be a convenient way to earn extra money.

How to apply

Saucey is currently hiring alcohol delivery couriers in their Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Chicago markets.

To apply, just visit the “become a courier” page. To be eligible, you must live in Saucey’s service areas, be over the age of 21, have an iPhone or Android smartphone, and answer a few basic questions.

There is one open-ended question where they ask you to describe why you would be a good courier. The company prides itself on excellent customer service, so this a place to highlight your skills and experience in that area.

After you apply, it can take a week or more to get a response. If selected to move forward, Saucey will ask you to complete a training and onboarding program before you can start working.

Working a side gig

If you work as a Saucey courier, have a plan in mind for the extra money you earn. Otherwise, it can be easy to lose track of your earnings and fritter away your income on things you don’t need.

For motivation, check out our prepayment calculator. If you have student loan debt, plan to use your Saucey income to make extra payments towards the balance. Using the calculator, you can find out how early you can pay off your loans and how much money you will save over time.

Or, use your second income to boost your emergency fund. That can give you a necessary cushion in case your car needs a repair, you get hit with a medical bill, or you lose your job.

Keep in mind that like other side gigs, working for Saucey is meant to be a supplemental source of income. It’s not something to rely on to pay your core bills, but it can be a smart way to meet your other financial goals on your schedule.

For more information about potential side gigs, check out these side income ideas for the 10 most popular degrees.

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