6 Student Discounts That Can Also Help You Get a Job

student discounts

When you’re a broke college student in school, keeping up with your bills can be tough.

Luckily, many companies offer valuable students discounts on items and services. And while everyone loves cheap pizza and movie tickets, many college students can also score savings on various professional development services.

That’s why we’ve highlighted six of the most valuable discounts for students looking to develop their job skills and improve their career prospects after graduation.

Top student discounts for career development

1. Adobe Creative Cloud

If you’re studying to be a graphic designer or web developer, or just love doing it as a hobby, then you’ll love this discount on Adobe Creative Cloud.

The suite of tools–which includes InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and more–normally costs a whopping $49.95 a month. But students can grab the whole range of tools for just $19.99.

While that price may still seem like a big monthly investment for a student, if they need the tools for a class, that’s a significant savings.

Even better, if you can use the programs and do some design work as a side gig to earn more money, you can start making extra payments on your student loans and get ahead of your debt.

Check out our calculator below to find out how prepaying your debt–even by just a little–while in school can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your loans.

Student Loan Prepayment Calculator

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2. American Accounting Association (AAA)

If you’re studying to be an accountant, consider joining AAA. As a member, you get access to the latest tax news and changes. And, you can network with other tax professionals and find job opportunities in your region.

Regular memberships cost $225, but students can join for just $50. With your membership, you also get digital subscriptions to The Accounting Review, Accounting Horizons, and Issues in Accounting Education.

3. Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

For those pursuing a career in technology, joining AITP has many benefits. With thousands of members across the globe, the association offers member-only webinars so you can stay ahead of the latest programs and trends.

You can also network with experienced professionals in your area and get connected to job opportunities before they ever hit the major career boards.

AITP charges IT professionals $105 a year to join; students can join for just $30. Plus, if you join AITP as a student, once you graduate, you get a free year as a professional member.

4. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is free for everyone to use, you’re limited in what you can do. You can’t cold message people or do much outreach to companies with a free account.

With a LinkedIn JobSeeker account, you can view profiles and send InMail messages to people for $29.95 a month. But if you’re a college student, that price can be a bit steep.

That’s why LinkedIn created another version specifically designed for students looking for their first jobs. The LinkedIn Students app is free, and lets you research jobs, view companies where alumni from your school work, and connect with more people.

You can create an account and get started right away without spending a dime.

5. Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

If you are studying communications or public relations, joining PRSA can be a smart career move.

It’s a career network of 22,000 professionals worldwide, providing unique networking and continued education opportunities. And they post job opportunities to members that you cannot find anywhere else.

The regular rate for a public relations professional is $255 a year, plus a $65 initiation fee. But students can join for just $55 and get access to a special jobs section, internships, scholarships, and advice on launching their career.

6. The Wall Street Journal

As a student on a college campus, it’s easy to feel insulated from the rest of the world. But after graduation, it’s increasingly important to be up to date on current event and world news.

While you can cobble together some of the highlights from different news sites, wouldn’t it be better to get high-quality journalism and reporting from top news outlets like The Wall Street Journal?

You can get a year-long subscription to WSJ for just $49, and remain well-informed among your coworkers at your new job. The standard digital membership costs $32.99 a month, so you can save hundreds of dollars with your student discount.

Make the most of your student discounts

Your college student I.D. is a valuable commodity for as long as you have it. Until your graduation day, use it to maximize savings on professional development opportunities, from certification courses to industry networks, to help you land a job after school.

By doing your research and using your student discounts wisely, you can build your professional network and be well-prepared to start your career after graduation day.

For more on how to save money while still in school, check out this article on how to save thousands by skipping your college meal plan.

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