10 Student Discounts That Can Save You Serious Cash

It’s that time of year again, folks. College students are getting ready to head back to class and pay for another year of higher education.

We all know living that college life can be expensive. Especially when it feels like money is only going out of your bank account and nothing is coming in.

That’s why so man companies offer a variety of student discounts, to help their customers save money.

Here are the 10 of the best student discounts around for any college student looking to stay on budget this year.

1. Amazon Prime

This is a must-buy for any college student.

When you sign up for Amazon Prime Student, your first six months are free. Then, it’s only 50 percent off for students with a valid student email, which comes out to only $49 a year.

You get all the Amazon Prime perks too: video streaming, two-day shipping, prime discounts, and special student deals. Your Prime Student membership is valid for four years, or until you graduate.

Plus, when you refer a friend, you both get $5.

2. Apple student discounts

If you’re in college, you probably need a laptop.

And if you’ve had your eyes on a MacBook or iPad, definitely buy one from Apple when you’re a student.

Apple offers student pricing on almost all of its products. They offer even better student deals on new hardware and software, too.

Apple student discounts also apply towards Apple Music, thanks to their Apple Music Student Membership.

3. Spotify

Spotify is perfect for listening to music during those long walks between classes or long hours put in at the library studying.

But $10 a month can be a little pricey if you’re on a limited budget.

Luckily, Spotify’s student discount gives you access to all of your favorite music for only $5 a month, without ads or limits. That extra $5 a month can go a long way for a college student. That’s like, 20 extra packs of ramen right there.

4. Adobe

For any student looking to get into design, editing, or illustrating, Adobe Creative Suite is a necessity.

With their student discounts, you’ll get access to their full suite of Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro through their Adobe Creative Cloud for only about $20 a month. That’s more than 60 percent off the normal price. Talk about a sweet deal.

5. Car insurance

This one isn’t as fun as the other student discounts on this list, but you can bet your parents will be excited.

Ask your auto insurance provider if they have any incentives for college students. Most do, and usually, the only requirement is that you have good grades. Just another reason to study extra hard this academic year.

6. Microsoft student discounts

Microsoft makes just about every type of electronic, so you can bet you’ll save some cash by flashing your student id with them.

You can get 10 percent or more off of new laptops and PCs and special software pricing. You’ll even get five percent off select Xbox games at Microsoft when you use your student discount.

Check out Microsoft’s site to see a variety of other student discounts you can get your hands on.

7. J. Crew

Students get 15% off when they shop in-store for J.Crew clothing and flash a valid student id.

J.Crew has classic, basic styles ranging from business professional to everyday casual, making it easy to mix and match.

Remember this discount when you need to buy a new outfit for those job interviews!

8. Sam’s Club

Stores like Sam’s Club don’t just offer substantial discounts on items when you buy in bulk. They also offer discounts on certain services like auto repair, cheap gas, and cell phone plans at special member rates.

You’ll score a $15 gift card when you sign up for Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership or renew your membership with a valid student id and .edu email. Just head into your nearest location to sign up.

Discounts on toilet paper and bulk shampoo will come in handy throughout the school year, trust me.

9. Joann’s Fabrics and Crafts

Do you love arts and crafts or following DIY project ideas off Pinterest? Then Joann’s is your one-stop shop for craft supplies and fabrics.

And, their student discount is pretty awesome. They’ll give you 10% off on top of any additional coupons and sales just for being a student and having a valid student id.

10.  Pizza student discounts

If you’re a college student, you probably love pizza. It’s cheap, comes with delivery, and it’s breakfast the next morning.

So, if you can get pizza for even cheaper, why wouldn’t you? Check to see if your school has its own promo code, or ask if there’s a student discount offered with any pizza-seller. Chances are you won’t be disappointed.

Remember, student discounts = big savings

Since you’re working so hard (and paying so much) for college, it’s great that companies are offering student discounts like the ones listed above.

After all, every little bit saved can go towards paying off your student loans, rent, and other college costs you’ll encounter as a student for the next few years.

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