Student Loan Interest Deduction Calculator

The Student Loan Interest Deduction Calculator helps you determine if you’re eligible for the student loan interest deduction on your tax return. If you’re eligible for this tax deduction, the calculator will display how much your refund could be worth due to this tax deduction based on your income and how much interest you paid.

Student Loan Interest Deduction Calculator

Can someone else claim you as a dependent on their tax return for 2017?

Were payments made on student loans disbursed in your name in 2017?

What was your 2017 Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)?

How are you filing your taxes for 2017?

How much interest did you pay on your student loans in 2017?

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Calculate interest rate

Calculate what a new interest rate could save

So you can:

  • See how much refinancing saves
  • Plug in your numbers for results
  • Take the next step in outsmarting your loan

If you aren’t ready to plug in all the numbers, this flowchart can help you get a sense of whether you qualify in the first place. Use this along with the FAQ below to learn more about how the student loan interest deduction works and how you can best use our calculator to see how much you might get back from Uncle Sam.


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