When our CEO graduated with $74,000 in student loan debt, no one was there to provide smart financial advice.

With 16 student loans being serviced by 4 different loan servicers, Student Loan Hero CEO, Andy Josuweit, received confusing student loan advice.

After 3 years of dealing with unhelpful loan servicers, debt collectors, and banks (not to mention watching his student loan debt balloon to $107,000…) Andy decided to take matters into his own hands by creating Student Loan Hero in 2012.

Student Loan Hero is an unbiased solution to organize, manage, and repay your student loans. We understand that every student loan borrower is in a different financial situation and no “one-size-fits-all” solution is possible. Our goal is to help student loan borrowers understand their student loans and make intelligent repayment decisions.

How Student Loan Hero can help:

  • Sync both your private and federal student loans in one centralized location

  • Provide an in-depth student loan summary and financial analysis

  • Repayment plans designed to fit your financial situation

  • Advice on both federal and private loan repayment options

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Our Team
Andy Josuweit

Andy Josuweit, CEO

When not helping others repay student loans, Andy can be found coaching college wrestling, riding his bike, and exploring Austin, TX!

Pavel Timofeev

Pavel Timofeev, CTO

Rumor has it, Pavel started coding before he was born! When not improving his programming skills, Pavel enjoys running and spending time with his family in Santiago, Chile.

Max Spiegel

Max Spiegel, COO

Aside from being “the ops guy”, Max can be found cheering on Boston sports teams or improving his Rubik’s Cube time – he’s currently at 2 minutes.


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