Student Loans are Different, Depending on Where You Live

Over the last several decades, the cost of education has gone up, but wages have remained mostly the same. As students and families have had to take out bigger and bigger loans in order to afford a college education, many struggle to pay them off long after leaving campus. That’s why nearly 45 million Americans share over $1.64 trillion in student loan debt.

The challenge of paying off student loan debt can be very different in different places around the country. And so, we present “Paying Off,” a Student Loan Hero series featuring borrowers across the U.S., including accounts of the local student debt situation and the strategies these borrowers used to attack their loans.

Check out the map below to see which borrower stories we’ve covered near you. We hope these interviews inspire readers to accelerate their own education debt repayment.

Meanwhile, if YOU would like to be featured, please complete our questionnaire here. We’re seeking individuals who are willing to let us into their repayment, detailing any challenges and their plans to overcome them.