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“I was able to refinance and save $11k over the remaining term of my loan!”

Lauren Hopkins - Gannon University; Kent State University

Headshot of Lauren

Lauren Hopkins - Gannon University; Kent State University

“Student Loan Hero filled me in on refinancing options for private loans. I saved money by refinancing and have rolled those savings back into my monthly payments.”

Andrew Geers - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

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Andrew Geers - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

“The loan repayment calculator has been incredibly helpful!!”

Jetta Garrity - Boston University

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Jetta Garrity - Boston University

“I consolidated my loans with Student Loan Hero's advice. The emails also help keep my family motivated!”

Daniel Lee - University of Nebraska Medical Center

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Daniel Lee - University of Nebraska Medical Center


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Student Loan Hero

Andy Josuweit, Student Loan Hero Co-Founder & CEO, was buried under $107,000 in debt spread between 16 loans. After years of juggling unhelpful loan servicers, harassing debt collectors and apathetic banks, he cracked their code and took his freedom back.

Student Loan Hero is the guide that Andy never had. So we created it for you. Inside, you'll be walked through simple steps to save you 1,000s of dollars and 100s of hours.

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We guide you through simple steps that help you save money, get out of debt faster and conquer your student loans. For Free!

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